Decisions! Help! Sarah wallet in Damier Ebene or MC - black or white?

  1. I keep hearing that about them, but I've had the MC zippy wallet for 9 months. and it still looks brand new, I also have the coin purse also! Even the SA at LV said I can tell you really take care of your stuff!! I'm careful with it, but I use it everyday! When I bought it I had no idea that they could chip, so I definitely haven't been that careful with it since I didn't know for the first 6 months!!
  2. I have to agree with needlv.
  3. +1
  4. I have a DE wallet - the Zippy, l love it and it will certainly stand the test of times in terms of durability although l must say l find it a little 'boring' to look at. I just purchased the Sarah in M/C white and l do love the pop of colour. If l was you l would choose the M/C but in the black to show less wear over the long run. :smile:
  5. I prefer DE in zippy wallet so i vote for MC in black because it looks pretty!
  6. my first choice is the monogram in multi-color (white) with the pink interior
    second choice would be the DE
    good luck deciding :smile:
  7. Thank you everyone for your input! Such a hard decision - one's so practical - the other so fun and pretty!
  8. Black MC
  9. Mc noir! A friend of mine has one and i drool every time she uses it!!
  10. Black MC - practical and pretty!!
  11. DE Sarah..
  12. That's a pretty wallet :smile: I would choose any of the MC Sarahs b/c they're gorgeous! Always makes me smile :smile:
  13. Always go for fun and pretty!! I love my MC wallet, and fun and pretty means you'll smile EVERY TIME you take it out of your bag!! It doesn't have to match your purse, and people always compliment me on my wallet!! I'm always proud to pull it out of my purse and pay for something even if it's 2 bucks!!!