Decisions!!! Help! Get a Faridah, a huge Hillier, OR another s/m Hillier?! WWMJD?

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Which one... only one!

  1. Get a Faridah!

  2. Get a Huge Hillier, it's different!

  3. Get another S/M Hillier, go w. what you love!

  4. None of the above! (or Other--and which one?)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ladies (and maybe gents), I've got a problem...

    I was alllll set to get another s/m Hillier, but the more I search tpf, the worse off I am... I really like the Faridah as well, now. How much bigger is it than the s/m Hillier? I'm torn... THEN to add to the confusion is the Huge Hillier... which has also been on my mind, as I am/was usually a "big bag" type of girlie. These days I love packing light when I can, but some days just call for a big bag (ESP. w. a babe and 2.5 yo in tow).

    So... to pick just one... Which? Why?

    Of course, the midnight Faridah is the most gorg... and currently available only on feebay... Does the Ink color have the same crocking/peeling issues that the blue Hillier did/does? Has that been fixed w. the Hilliers, or should I just avoid it all together? (I'd love a blue bag... but grey... or maybe safron would do.)

    Help lovely MJ Goddesses!
  2. if you can get your hands on a midnight, i'd go that route. the indigo blue had the peeling issues, and i just love the faridah over the hilliers....i think it's more comfy to carry too. the hillier can get uncomfortable on the shoulder if it has too much in it.
  3. Faridah! But I do love the huge hillier too. The faridah is way more practical for me ( i have 2 small kids too) I can fit tons of stuff in it and it's way more accessible than the hillier. I have the midnight faridah and LOOOVE it, it has no issues w/peeling at all. Also my faridah is more comfy than my huge hillier. Good luck on the search!
  4. I would go with my first instinct. If you really love the Hillier, stick to it. I too, was like a crazed addict when I first started on TPF. I think I have been through most styles. Faridah, Hillier, Groovee, Heidi, Teri, etc...

    I finally whittled it down to what worked for me - the Groovee. But thats me. It has been a very costly experience test driving various bags.
  5. Yes Tiger! I've got like 4-5 HH bags that need rehoming bc they just aren't for me... I'd hate to have that happen w. the MbMJ, too...

    I think a trip to VM is in order!
  6. The Faridah is quite a bit bigger than the regular (not S/M) Hillier - so much so, in fact, that the regular Hillier was the perfect size for me but I don't think I could ever carry a Faridah. However, that bag is extremely comfortable and all the compartments on the front are really handy, so I can see why it would appeal to you!

    As june pointed out, there are only two very specific colors that have had peeling issues, and they were from the same season. There are a lot of MbMJ blues, and I believe indigo has been the only consistently problematic one.

    I voted for the Hillier. If you love the one you have so much, then I don't see any problem with getting multiples in different colors!
  7. i say go with the faridah...i tried it on in the store and I liked it
    its a dif feeling than the hillier ;)
  8. I'm just digesting this, BAM... not as delish as GS cookies, that's for sure...

    Really?! That's gonna be HUGE then! I thought the regular Hillier was pretty big as well... but around the same size or bigger than the Faridah! :shocked:

    Well... that might disqualify the Faridah... I've got 3 huge bags as it stands now... and one on the way... and one I'm trying to rehome... sooooo.... :nono:
  9. Huge Hillier Dimensions: 17 1/2" wide x 4 1/2" deep x 16 1/4" high.

    Faridah Dimensions: 16" wide x 6" deep x 14" high.

    Maybe you mean the depth is bigger, BAM? I'm not being snootie at all; the s/m hillier is the only one I've seen/carried, so I'm just looking for clarification.
  10. Hey Enga! It's great to see you in these parts!

    Me, myself and I have never been a fan of the Faridah. I've seen it and tried it on countless times and I just don't like it--not the design, not the size, not the leather, not even the colors. So as you can see, I'm impartial...:P

    I love the Hillier in any size--it's a funky fun bag. :yes: I usually use the dimensions and a measuring tape to figure out how big or small bags I haven't seen in person are. If you think or get the feeling that the big Hillier would be too big for you, then you could always go for another small one. And, then again, you could get something totally different, like a Dr. Q. Groovee! :nuts:
  11. Hey Karmen! Good to see YOU, hottie!

    I thought about the groovee and the aidan... but both seem to structured and satchel-y for my needs... heavy and best carried in the hand.

    mmmmm.... I'm leaning towards the huge hillier, maybe it won't be too huge... (eep!) Good idea to bust out my measuring tape. :thinking:

    You have both hilliers? :drool: Which do you like/use more?
  12. Yessss, hottiness...;)

    I had one briefly last year before I sold ALL my bags, and I like the smaller size. I'm drawn to medium and large bags...not a fan of gigantic bags. Not only are they a total waste of space for me, kuz I hardly carry anything in my bags, but they're heavier and, IMO, look too big on me. Lately, I'm loving satchels with detachable shoulder/messenger straps.
  13. The Hillier (aka the regular size) is smaller than the Faridah, but I'd say the Huge Hillier is comparable in size to the Faridah. :yes:
  14. IDK why the Faridah seems/feels smaller to me than that.
  15. Thanks for the clarification, BAM.

    Karmen, I'm all for an extra messenger strap! I know what you mean about similarly sized bags wearing differently. My KP Corc is a tank compared to my black Trophy... At least the MbMJ line is more accessible in loads of retail locations... unlike some designers...