Decisions: Haircalf Dinky 24 vs. Patchwork Saddle 23 (Or Saddle in General)


Apr 30, 2016
Tampa. FL
I've always wanted a Saddle Bag since they first came out (again) earlier this year, however, I've never gotten around to getting one. I *did* just get myself an original-sized Dinky but saw both the printed haircalf Dinky 24 and the patchwork Dinky as well as the patchwork Saddle 23 in the SAS. So my questions...

* Do any of you have experience with haircalf bags? Do they shed after a certain time or lose their sheen? The Dinky 24 I'm looking at is the one in the "souvenir sky" print.
* I've seen it around that the Dinky 24 and the Saddle 23 fit about the same amount of stuff, just arranged differently. The Saddle would add more variety to the styles of bags I have, but I'm concerned about its lack of security as there's absolutely nothing keeping the bag closed where the Dinky line has the turnlock. Does this lack of security phase anyone at all?
* And last but not least--just your opinion on each, if you care to offer! :biggrin:

Thanks! :smile:


Nov 13, 2010
I have two calf hair bags. They do get bald spots not matter how careful you are. Coach will warn you calf hair gets bald spots too.

That said, I would buy them again because I love them - but I'm not buying any again.