Decisions, decisions

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  1. So I might be able to snag a new bag soon. A relative's on a business trip to China (and I specified: NO MADE-IN-CHINA :nono: because he would totally joke about that sort of thing :rolleyes:).

    Top of my list is definitely the discontinued Metis Hobo for sure (it's still up on the China site as a Call for Availabilty).

    BUT... In case he isn't able to find it, my immediate alternative is an Alma BB in Epi Electric because I don't have an evening bag or a small bag I can carry crossbody. I don't have a hobo style bag either. Hence, the Metis.

    The twist is, I suddenly remembered the Artsy. I fell in love when I first saw the ads but put it aside since I was still young and in school at the time. Then I read about the canvas issues (although apparently, this has now been improved), how the handle was uncomfortable, etc. So, all in all, a beautiful bag but dare I want one for myself?

    Just to let you know, I can't visit a store (it'd take a plane ride and I have responsibilities at home). So, I can't actually try any of the bags in person. I have seen the Artsy out and about and it seemed a tad bulky. But the person who was carrying it was even smaller than I am (I'm 5'3"). Surprisingly, it's the only Artsy I've seen in the years since I've moved back. Neverfulls and Speedys aplenty. :biggrin:

    1) Price-wise the Artsy costs the same as the Metis Hobo (15,000 Yuan). Alma Epi-Electric BB is 14,000 Yuan.

    2) I'm more of a crook of the arm/handheld type gal so I'm not too overly concerned with the level of comfort the Artsy has over the shoulder.

    3) I am starting a new job soon. Perhaps this is a point in the Artsy's favour as a fallback to the Metis?

    I'm probably waffling on at this point but my question is, what do you think? If you were in my shoes, which would you go for, the Alma BB Epi Electric or the Mono Artsy?
  2. If the size is o.k for you, then alma is my vote (because I don´t like artsy)
  3. I may be biased but the Alma BB would be my pick for the crossbody option. I tried on the Artsy and it was a bit bulky on me as well and I'm 5'5" but with a slim frame so that could be why. I'm a shoulder bag girl though so that's why I picked the Delightful over the Artsy for a hobo bag.
  4. I think the handle of the artsy is gorgeous but I find it a really bulky bag and not comfy. If you want a comfy shoulder bag that is somewhat hobo like to get the best of both worlds, I'd get a sully. It's quite nice.

    However, between your choices, Alma BB alllllll day. I have an Alma Bb in DE and it's hand down my favorite bag out of all my Chanel and LV. It's just an easy, carefree, elegant bag. It's handheld and crossbody carry && sooo cute. It's also quite ample in space and very light.

    The alma is a classic. I had two Alma's but sold one recently in favor of getting something else since it was epi in a light rose nacre. I should've gotten a darker color in hindsight. I love my alma. It's casual and dressy all in one. Can't go wrong with it in any color choice =] good luck!
  5. I can't seem to like the Delightful for whatever reason. That Galliera in your avatar though. :graucho:
  6. I was actually looking at the Sully PM as well since the Sully line is being discontinued. PM because I like the look of it handheld. But I've read there were issues with cracking and/or peeling. Not sure if this has been resolved with the so-called "new" canvas since production has probably halted for the Sully, whereas the Artsy is still here.
  7. So that's 3 votes for Alma BB so far. Any input from Artsy LVoers?
  8. I'd personally wait to see your relative is able to find the Metis or Alma BB first but if not then try for the Artsy since it's in no danger of being discontinued or hard to find anytime soon. You mentioned that you would hand or crook of the arm carry the Artsy, so you shouldn't have any issues involving comfort, but if you do have a tendency to carry on the shoulder then the Delightful or Sully would most likely be a better fit.
  9. Artsy hands down!! Or the Melie is another hobo I like. Good luck!!
  10. I decided to leave the Artsy as my next bag after the Alma BB (in case he can't find a Metis). Or if he was able to find a Metis hobo, the Alma BB would be the next bag, and the Artsy after that. But now there are rumours swirling of the Artsy being discontinued. :nogood:
  11. All is can say - is definitely the Metis. I love mine. I hope he can find it for you!

    If not, I would probably go with the artsy but I don't have any vernis as I'm a bit of a plain person. I'm sure that's not really helpful. :/

    GL deciding.
  12. For me it's Alma BB in Epi Electric, hands down! Alma BB is an elegant small bag. It's capable of carrying pared down daily essentials easily, and it's so chic and functional. In EE you could dress it up beautifully, but also use it on weekends, or even daily. The many carrying options are great! I have 2 Alma BB's and love them!
  13. ALMA BB all the way.
  14. +1
  15. They're just rumors and I'm pretty sure that most people are getting the Artsy mixed up with the Sully. The lineup of discontinued bags has been released and the Artsy isn't on it and most likely won't be for a very long time given its popularity, so don't worry;)