decisions decisions...

Dec 28, 2012
helllo fellow givenchy lovers :heart:

i've recently come to love givenchy purses.. and now im on the hunt for one :biggrin: debating between the antigona in red on the lanecrawford website and the nightingale in black goat leather. both small sizes :happy: there's a significiant price different between the two.. $1995 for the antigona (shipping and duty included). $1200 for the nightingale (including shipping and discounted). ahhh decisions!!!! i live in canada.. and was wondering if anyone has bought bags from ****** before and whether or not you incurred duty and taxes?

help! which would you choose?? i must admit that i doo have a lot of black purses (black seems to always be my downfall since it goes with anythhing and looks so classy!)

thank you kindly for all your help!! xox


Truly Addicted
Dec 22, 2010
Many TPFr buy from ******. You will likely incur duty/taxes since you live in Canada. I know other TPFrs who are Canadian and they always have to consider the total amount of a bag when they buy from U.S. b/c of the taxes.


Jul 5, 2007
I've purchased from ****** (I'm from Toronto), and customs is the luck of the draw. They didn't nail me for duties, but you know that is just chance sometimes. I've also purchased from Lane Crawford, and since their price includes duties and tax, there is a huge sense of relief of not having to worry "if" this will be the one that gets stopped. Generally duties are pretty stiff on handbags; I think it is 18% duties and then for me in Ontario, the 13% hst. In terms of service, I was very pleased with both ****** and Lane Crawford. But LC is a huge department store, so the boxes and ribbons and customer service follow up included, is spectacular, if that matters. :smile:

Oh, and I have both the Antigona and the nightingale, and I vote for the Ant... Especially in red!