decisions, decisions

  1. Okay, everyone...I come needing help.

    I'm in the market for a new or used bag, and am torn between two...the Petit Noe and the Batignolles Horizontal.

    I've seen tons of pics and threads about both, which is why I'm so torn because I love both in pics and in person. I've tried them both on and they both fit my needs. Sadly though, I can only have one, otherwise I'd get both!

    So please help me!!
  2. Oh boy...this is gonna be a tough one...great choices...
    I happen to have recently tried on both of these bags myself.
    The BH is too large for me, I think, and the two straps did not stay on my shoulder well. Some don't like it does not zipper closed. Most love it though.
    The Petit Noe is much more comfortable for me with the one strap.
    I have two epi ones, so I am happy with this style. Some don't like the drawstring closure--doesn't bother me.
    Most that have this bag, love it also.
    Two good choices--good luck!
  3. The Noe is absolutely not my cup of tea :shrugs:
    My vote for the Batignolles Horizontal!
  4. I would vote for the Batignolles Horizontal since it's larger and more practical.
  5. Vote for the BH, love it ! I think it is more comfortable to carry.
  6. I know everyone is going to say BH, but I'll vote for the petit noe. I like the fact that it looks small, but can hold a lot for what it is. The drawstring doesn't bother me at all; in fact, I feel the same with the drawstring as a zipper. Also, it's not that heavy and there's only one strap. seems like a bag that not everyone loves because I've only seen this once IRL on someone other than myself.

    I feel that the BH is a great versatile bag, but I find it to be too big for me.
  7. BH would be my pick
  8. I'd go with the BH as well...the shape of the Noe is ok but I like tote style bags better.
  9. My vote is for the lovely..........BH!:nuts:
  10. My vote is for the Batignolles Horizontal because it seems slightly more practical. I'm not a fan of the drawstring aspect of the Petit Noe. It really depends on your needs though. I haven't had an issue with the straps on my BH though. It sits comfortably on my shoulder, even when I'm wearing a coat.
  11. BH :p
    I think it is such a nice looking bag !
  12. i prefer the Batignolles Horizontal. i'm not a fan of the drawstring style of the Noe bags
  13. Hmmm. I like both. I love the BH but I think I would get the noe personally. I am not sure the drawstring is my cup of tea because I like to zip my bags shut...but it's more of a "purse" to me than the BH.
  14. BH! and is that the Rock as your avatar??? He is jacked!!!
  15. bh!