Decisions, decisions...

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  1. Hello all :smile: in a bit of a rut. After re looking at the mono speedy b 35. I have fallen in LOVE with it!! However I recently got a mono stresa pm. Should I sell my stresa to fund the speedy b? I like the stresa but still not sold on how i feel about the flap and the zipper. My small collection includes a mono and azur speedy 30. A DE Eva a mono totally mm and the mono stresa pm. I am also currently trying to find someone to adopt my mono speedy. I also have a small assortment of slg's. should i sell the stresa or should I just save up for the speedy b and use the money from finding my speedy a new home to put towards the speedy b? Thanks!!
  2. We have almost the exact same collection:biggrin:. I would fund the speedy b with the sale of the speedy. Good luck!
  3. If you are not happy with the Stresa, I would sell it for the speedy b 35. I really liked the stresa when I saw it at the store but i would drive me nuts to have to unclasp it every time to get into the purse. You could probably leave it unclasped I guess but I would think the strap would be bouncing around. Seems like the speedy would be more functional, IMO.
  4. I agree and I have left it unclipped before and due to the weight of the clasp it normally falls back behind the bag and hits my side and I don't want to risk weakening the stitching on it or creasing the leather. I had a mono tulum before and sold it. And now I can't get it off my mind. It was the perfect zipper/buckle combo.
  5. if you are not loving the Stresa, sell it to help fund the Speedy B!
  6. Sell the stresa, and put the funds towards something you will use and love.
  7. +1
  8. I sold mine to fund my Empreinte Artsy!!! Sooooo, sell it!!
  9. +1 :smile:
  10. You ladies have helped me decide and boy do I have a curve ball review to do later this week when it comes in!
  11. Sell what you don't use often anymore to fund for what you love, since you already have lots of mono pieces, how about speedy B DE ?