Decisions, decisions ...

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  1. Does anyone have experience of the fudge pebbled leather Bays? I'm wavering between this one and the oak printed leather Alexa - or something similar in SBS. Not that I'm indecisive or anything, but ... I've also been eyeing the green pheasant Heritage SBS - I don't have a SBS but love the colour of this one - and the extra straps! I'm thinking that I wouldn't use the Bays for everyday, but like the style of the handles actually being attached to the bag, rather than the flap, as in the Bays and the SBS. I'm going round in rapidly decreasing circles here ...!:panic:
  2. Gosh you were quick off the mark.....good luck and hope you get the info you need to make a constructive decision (oh the trials and tribulations of seaching out that perfect bag!!!:graucho::lol:)......
  3. Hmm, the pursuit of the "perfect bag"!! Every time I tell myself "This is it" another beauty presents itself before me - usually in the form of a photo on this forum!!:biggrin:
  4. I have the Bays heritage in fudge and also the SBS heritage in fudge and in nightshade color...same leather as in the PG Heritage SBS. Yes, I do love the color and softness of them and of course them being heritage style with the extra straps are fab, and the added shoulderstrap is a great bonus on the heritage Bays. I have also Alexas and how much I do love the style of that bag I think your are right, those sbs/bays styles are so much better with the handles on the bag and not on the flap. So much easier to open/close. So if you should go for the green pheasant Heritage Sbs I'm sure you would also be crazy about this soft and lush. Just to give you another option to think about : dont overlook the mini-croc printed SBS, it does look so much better IRL than on the website, and the leather is really nice too and I'm so in love with that bag right now.:smile:
  5. This is a dangerous place to lurk (esp for the bank balance!!!)....:graucho::drool::sweatdrop::girlsigh::devil:
  6. I have a fudge heritage bays and I love it! It needs plenty of tlc tho do not ideal as an 'every day' bag but attracts lots of attention when out and about :smile: x
  7. They are all so beautiful i have owned the conker large heritage sbs- too large and slouchy beautiful colour though so sold it, the oak sbs satchel not too bad gr8 everyday bag maybe on the smaller side for me and it needed babying so sold it, and now have the oak printed alexa which i ab adore the leather is structured and the lexi looks so smart in oak and fab and def keeping this. I would say look at all of them as it is personal choice but i would go for the Alexa most def having owned all of them. Mini croc sbs sounds fab as Baginuse has quoted.
    I should have one. I am a bit bias though i ab love the printed leathers.
  8. Wow - your collection sounds wonderful!! Have you posted any pics anywhere? I also think the handles on the flap put a lot of strain on it and are more likely to pull the bag out of shape. I would imagine you need to keep the two magnetic fasteners shut to prevent this and, as you say, this makes it fiddly to get in and out of ... That mini-croc printed SBS sounds soooo lush! Have you any experience of the EW Bayswater?:smile:
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    I admire you for having the resolve to sell the bags that don't work for you! I need to prune my collection of Kate Spades and Anya Hindmarch bags quite severely!

    It's interesting that you recommend the oak printed Alexa - I do love this bag! I've only seen the croc print on the oak Bays - and it was beautiful. I'm not very tall, though, and rarely use my one and only Bays (I won't be selling her though - she's a gorgeous choc/sheepskin!). Now if I were to put the croc print with an oak SBS ... :confused1:

    Hmm, I need to see the two bags irl - although I know I'll be doomed if I do! Mind you, that price hike in November means I'll need to move fast ... :biggrin:
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    I did get used to the handles and straps on the Alexa quite fast even if I do find them a bit fiddly and I still prefer the ease to open close the bag like in the SBS/bays style. And I still has a reg Alexa for use at odd times. But if you heart is set on a Alexa the opening is not such a bother that it would keep you from getting one. I have posted some picures before but I'm not really sure in what threads so I add the photo here also. The Mini-croc SBS was not my favorite when I saw her in the shop as she had no sheen whatsover on the leather and even did look a bit plastic, but with a lot of condioner and buffing I really do love how she turned out. First picture : Bays Heritage fugde, infront of her sbs heritage fudge, black mini-croc SBS, in front of her SBS heritage Nightshade. And the tiny beltbag in oak.
    Sorry no experience with EW bays, I has a thing for straps, I dont always use them but love to have them. :biggrin:
    IMG_1385.JPG IMG_1379.JPG

  11. What a GORGEOUS collection! Just beautiful!! I like the classic colours so much, although I am very, very drawn to the pheasant green Heritage SBS! Thank you for your advice, btw - I've got to see that croc SBS irl. Soon! ;)
  12. Thank you for you kind words. :biggrin: Yes classic color is lovely but I miss some real color in my Bays collection. The PG is a wonderful color and perfect for this season and I would also love to have that one. I hope it still will be around the outlets when I will take a short holiday trip to the UK. :smile: