Decisions ...Decisions!

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  1. Op art Rasin #43430

  2. Op art Mahogany #43430

  3. Madison plum leather #43429

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. The choices:
    Madison plum leather swing-pack #43429
    op art swing pack in raisin #43430
    op art swing pack in mahogany #43430

    The dilemma:
    Hi girls! I'm trying to decide between 3 swing-packs to pick up tomorrow at a presidents day sale! I pretty much want one to go with anything because I never know when I'll use it so I want to be able to just throw it on with whatever. I LOVE PURPLE!! So most of my clothes and accessories are colors that go with purple like teal,turquiose,black,gray,dark blue, yellow, white, etc. However I really loved the mahogany one! It just looks so classy :biggrin: and I like the lilac interior! but I dont really need such a dark swing pack especially not this close to spring and summer. I like the two purples, but i'm afraid the plum leather is to pinkish for me? and I don't know if it's going to pair with my other things? and I really like the grape/raisin color but I also wonder if it's to dark? Thanks in advance!! :yahoo:
  2. Go for the leather option!
  3. Leather for sure!
  4. The plum is such a beautiful color!
  5. i always vote for leather!
  6. I typically go for leather everytime. However, I am not a fan of this particular plum color bag. Mostly because of the brass hardware. I am a silver hardware fan. Of the 3, I would probably go with the rasin.
  7. Hey watk!!

    I gotta vote for the leather! Good luck choosing!
  8. Why hello tup!! Thanks for voting!!
  9. :biggrin: I can't wait to see what you get!!
  10. I voted for the Mahogany op art since that's the style you seem to like most. I think it'll go with more too.
  11. Leather trumps siggy everyday in my book!
  12. All are very pretty!!
    I vote for the Plum leather Swingpack!!!
    Good luck!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. IDK what to do i'm very indecisive! I may wait a day or so to make up my mind! Thanks for all the help!!
  14. Op art Rasin #43430 - you are still getting the purple tone and it is more rare.
  15. I like the plum in leather.