Decisions, decisions?!

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  1. I'm having a bit of a dilemma so thought I'd see what everyone else thinks.

    I have recently been downsizing my bag collection as I simply don't use half the bags I own and am now left with 3 Mulberrys, my Rosemary in Oak which I use ALL the time, my choc brown hobo bag (don't know the name as it was bought in a sample sale) and my black patent Charlie.

    However I have been madly in love with the Roxanne in Oak for years now, and with the price rising I feel if I'm going to get this bag I need to get it soon. But at the same time I see little sense in owning both the Rosemary and the Roxanne.

    So, do I sell my deliciously aged Rosemary and upgrade to the Roxanne? Buy the Roxanne and keep Rosemary? Or forget Roxy all together?
  2. Dont' sell Rosy, but get Roxanne as well!
  3. Do you use the long strap on your Rosemary or do you tend to go handheld. If you use the strap I'd say stick with it as the Roxanne is carried differently. How about a preloved Roxanne? There are some lovely red versions around at the moment. You like the classic colours, but I think red is a good middle ground.
  4. I am definitely leaning more towards a pre-loved Roxy as I much prefer the Oak colour once it's aged a little.

    As for Rosie, it varies depending on what i'm doing. Usually she is slung on my wrist but if I'm shopping I like using the strap so I have both hands free.

    I haven't veered away from classic colours since my spontaneous purchase of a turquoise Mabel - absolutely stunning to look at but just didn't go with anything!
  5. I would keep rosie. It's a much smaller bag, which is great when not needing a big bag. Also much lighter and have the shoulder strap.

    I have an (dark) oak rosie, and an olive roxy. They serve different purposes. Rosie is such a great sling and go bag, and cute handheld. I will add an oak roxy too, since I love oak.

    So I say, go for roxy, but keep rosie!
  6. I think my plan is to find a pre-loved Roxy Oak and keep Rosie too.

    I may have just found one on eBay for a good price, just waiting for it to be authenticated as I'm not 100% convinced.

    Eek can't believe I'm about to buy two new bags in the space of a week! That's my lot for 2010 though......well for now at least :smile:
  7. I agree, a preloved Roxy is a good idea. An incredible bag needs a good home and if you get a preloved, you will give her a good home.

    Both are great bags...If you feel that you don't want 2 bags in the same color that are similar, and you already have the Rosey in Oak, get the Roxy in a different color.

    But, that is my opinion only. I love both :smile:
  8. ooh how exciting. I think you are doing the right thing, as you say, you use Rosie all the time, so no way should she leave ;)

    keep us posted on Roxy!
  9. Get the oak Roxy, hang on to the Rosie. See how you use them for a while. My guess is you'll find you need both. Very different to carry and suit different purposes. Good luck with the e bay one.
  10. Thanks all! I'm always rather skeptical of ebay bags, despite the fact that all my cast offs have always been sold there. I guess you just hear so many horror stories.

    I love the Roxy in Oak and can't imagine having it in any other colour, even if my grand plan is to own one in Black and Choc too!

    I will be sure to do a reveal as soon as I find my Roxy :smile:
  11. ^ If you look at todays reveals, you could well have plum on your wishlist too ;) :biggrin:
  12. I've had fantastic e bay experience with this one. BNWT! And obviously not been used. It's restored my faith in the bay. I wouldn't have dared to go for it though without the advice on the authenticate thread and from another lovely tpfer. As long as you check it out there I'm sure it will be fine.
  13. Yeah I did just see that a moment ago! It's absolutely stunning!

    I'm glad to hear you've had a good experience on ebay. I think what's putting me off the one I've found is that the seller has said that they bought it on ebay and that whilst they don't doubt it's authenticity they can't vouch for it 100% either, it just makes me wary! But hopefully someone on the authenticate thread will be able to confirm one way or another.
  14. If in any doubt whatsoever it's best to leave it be. Another will turn up that is meant for you. Fingers and everything else crossed that the authenticate ladies can give you the thumbs up.
  15. I love roxy and in your shoes I think i would keep oak Rosemary and get Roxy in choc or black as both look stunning. I would love to own a roxy one day. Ikwym re ebay though, it seems to be a minefield for roxy bags. When I do eventually get one though i think it is likey to be from ebay so i will also be relying on the authenticate thread. Good luck and keep us posted! xx