decisions, decisions

  1. I'm thinkking if what to get for a practical but stylish bag for day to day stuff.

    I've been thinking of the Longchamps quadrille for about £130. it's farbric (coated? :confused1:) with a leather trim. This is the third attachment the website only has the blue one but I want the black one. I have only seen it properly online. I glanced at it once IRL but the Longchamps shop is closed on Sundays :rant:

    LAst week I saw bag by Osprey that I also like. It costs £269 anbd this is all leather. it's pebble shaped and looks rather unique, at least for this season, lol! there is no picture on the website so I took some pics with my cell phone. Sadly with the department store light, they haven't come up nicely :sad:

    I wish I could get both but I cant just yet. the Osprey one looks pretty cool but I think only looks good for work. the Longchamps looks like it would suit office and casual and travel.

    Opinions? ;)
    Image003.jpg Image004.jpg longchamps.jpg
  2. Mmmh, I think I like the Longchamp better :yes:
  3. I like them both too! I'm not usually a logo bag fan, but that Longchamp is really cute. It's also more versatile as you said. So if you need the bag that does everything - go with the Longchamp. If you just really love the Osprey, you should get that one, though...
    Sorry not to be of more help!!
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