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  1. Would love your help in deciding which LV to purchase for my b-day.:confused1:
    I own the mono in the ellipse, reporter and cabas piano. I have the damier
    speedy 30 and the denim neo speedy in blue. I am considering the duomo (damier) or the monogram manhattan pm. Any suggestions?
  2. I am considering the manhattan pm right is so hard to you like your speedy? how does the shape hold up??? The ellipse sort of reminds me of the alma mind you the shapes are different..I think it is the structure of it...
  3. I love my speedy. It's such a classic!
  4. I always go for the manhattan. I just really love that handbag!
  5. i love the Manhattan PM the most. i have it, and it's a fabulous bag :yes:
  6. Manhattan for me
  7. i vote for the manhattan pm!
  8. manhattan pm!
  9. manhattan pm, i have one and i love love love it.. It's gorgeous. you won't regret it.
  10. I love the doumo wow that would be so nice!
  11. Yeah.... the Duomo would be great!
  12. That's a tough choice. They are both gorgeous bags.

    I loved the Manhattan, until I saw the Duomo. In the end, I felt the Manhattan was too bling for me, and got the Duomo instead. And months later, I'm sure I made the right choice. The Duomo is a great bag!
  13. manhatan pm!
  14. Manhattan PM! the duomo.. just looks out of place in me.
  15. Manhattan PM. I love this bag.