Decisions, decisions...

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  1. I need some opinions ladies.

    A couple of days ago and bought a Quilted Mary in Papaya, a color I've been lusting for since the resort bags came out- but since it is so bright I promised myself that I wouldnt buy it unless I got a great deal... Well I did, so i did!:tup: I've always dreamed of a Chanel Flap in a juicy pink/ orange color and thought how cute it would be dressed down for every day use with casual outfits. The Quilted Mary in that gorgeous Papaya color really does the same thing for me and its Marc so I love it!

    I do need to purge one of my bags to keep this one probably and (strangely) at the top of that list is my Grey Mayfair :crybaby::crybaby: A bag I searched for, for almost over 6 months. I finally got it around two months ago and to be completely honest- I haven't even used her a handful of times.:Push: I keep convincing myself that I was waiting for warmer weather because the Mayfair is so small and I wasn't loving how she looked with my big winter coat and whatnot, but visions of little white tees and summer scarfs with the Mayfair were dancing in my head.

    Buuuuuuuut- while these bags are different, they kind of fill a similar purpose for me: Small, quilted, chain strapped bag.

    So what to do? With the new fall bags out- I'm really hoping to score a smooth Alyona in a grey color if one comes out. My indigo EW tote has become my favorite, everyday bag; the bisque Drawstring Hobo is such a pretty color and was really to cheap to worry about and I think I am going ot return the Chestnut Lou I have. So I need to make a decision between the two of these I think:s:s

    Mayfair Pros:
    Was my first true HG bag.
    Scored for an awesome deal (thax to a sweet tPFer!)
    Perfect little evening bag.

    Mayfair Cons:
    SMALL! (I can fit my ZC and phone and thats it)
    Haven't used it much.

    Mary Pros:
    Scored for an awesome deal (thanks to another awesome tPFer!)
    Have been lusting for, for months.
    Perfect little day bag.
    Can fit more.
    I like the chain strap on the Mary more that the Mayfair because its smaller, longer and more delicate.

    Mary Cons:
    The color is so bright that I might not use it a ton.
    May be a seasonal bag?

    (Haven't received it yet- maybe I wont love it as much as I remember?)

  2. Here is a photo of each-

    The papaya color is much more stunning IRL- more of a coral-ish candy color.

    And the Grey of the Mayfair is also gorgeous in person.

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  3. ouch, though decision, I know I would certainly use the grey mayfair more (it's my every day bag for the moment), but since you've only used it a couple of times, it might be different for you ...
  4. thats a hard one. me personally, i like the grey mayfair better since i am not one for bright colors. i do really like the shape of the mary, but worry that the buckles will get annoying. i dont know jess - im not really good at making decisions!
  5. ^^ just an FYI the buckles are not real- they are pushlocks on magnets- very easy to get in and out of actually- more so than the mayfair.

    i know that color is a double edged sword!! its the reason I LOVE the bag and the number one reason why i might not use it a ton.
  6. What a tough decision!! IMO, the grey Mayfair is more versatile. The color is just amazing and it would look great with anything. However, I haven't seen it in person or tried it on so I cannot comment on its actual functionality, weight etc. I've tried the Mary on in person and I loved it! I love the chain length and it's surprisingly lightweight. I just think that the papaya will limit you more than the grey. Plus, the Mary is coming out in dark purple for should get that one instead :tup:

    Good luck Jess!
  7. The thing with the Mayfair is that it can match just about any outfit, color wise. The Mary is... you can either go matchy matchy, or you can make a bold statement. I think you should get the Mary in hand, and see how much you like the feel of it, how much stuff you can really put into the bag without distorting the shape (from what I remember, it's a flat bag?), etc.
  8. the mary's buckles are just for show and they have a magnetic snap to open and close, i would keep the......BOTH! I would keep both and try to save up for the fall bag, also remember that these bags often go on sale jess, so you might get it for $700-800.

    good luck with this decision, this one is a toughie!
  9. ^^ and i know that she loves dark purple! knowing that the pushlocks are magnets and not really pushlocks, that changes my opinion...slightly.

    jess, you are all about style and fashion, so i think you will rock either bag equally.
  10. oh, man. this is gonna be hard for you because even though the mayfair was your first hg bag, right now you're in the honeymoon period with your brand new mary. so i take it everything with you and the seller worked out then?

    if i were you i wouldn't be able to part with the grey mayfair. i love that bag not to mention the color. i remember you wearing the teal mayfair when we first met up, and it looked so great on you. i bet the grey would look just as good with all the outfits you have planned come warmer temps. the mary is cool, but it's gonna be coming out in purple, which you said is your favorite color. you're going to be getting that come fall, right? so do you really need two marys? if you sell your mary now and you regret, you'll have a second chance at it in a few months. that's another factor for you to consider. the mayfair is gone for now. lastly, papaya is a fun color, but it's definitely seasonal to me. once fall hits, you're gonna be wanting something darker and rich.

    can't wait to hear what you decide. good luck.
  11. i know the purple! haha.

    i dont really wear any colors besides neutrals. a lot of heather greys, creams, whites, blacks, etc. which i think the papaya color will be very pretty with this summer.

    when i tried the mary on in the store- it surprisingly fit a lot more than i thought.

  12. kim, yes! the seller shipped this morning. i think she's just really weird?

    oh my gosh my boyfriend will kill me if i keep both.

    PS- you know what i really wish?? that the mary came in grey!
  13. ^^ if the mary came in grey, then you'd be set!

    kim is always so reasonable - i love you kim! hah

    let us know what you decide on doing jess. and goodluck! im glad i dont have to be the one to make this decision!
  14. yeah- im going to have to wait until i receive the mary to make a final decision. i just needed to opinions because im going stir crazy thinking about it.

    thanks girls!
  15. LOL Jess you are too funny! well i agree with candice; see how you really feel about Mary once you receive her. You got her at such a bargain price that if you kept her for a while and resold her you might even come out ahead. Also, if you kept her until the purple Mary was released, maybe that would help you decide which color you would love more? I dunno though, this is a tricky situation. Are there no other bags you would consider getting rid of in lieu of either of these? I wouldn't recommend selling your HG. I don't think I would ever be able to sell my HG (bordeaux Blake) or First MJ (ivory PW Venetia).. Good luck lady! :sweatdrop: