Decisions, decisions!

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  1. OK, ladies, three issues here :weird:!

    As I will never learn to resist temptation, I currently have my eye on a lilac Epi Speedy 25 on eBay, sold by authentic_lvlady. It looks like a very pretty color:love:.

    The thing is, right now I have the Damier Speedy 25 in my eLuxury cart, so I don't know if I should get the Epi one too :wondering:. Is the lilac a practical color to have? I don't really know what I can wear it with except anything white or black.

    2. Also, with all the Inclusion accessories popping up on this forum, I've decided I want the beige Inclusion bracelet, and the Speedy keychain :graucho:. I'm going to get two keychains, one each for my Mono and Damier Speedy :rochard: I already know I want the beige one for my Mono Speedy, but would the black keychain look better on the Damier Speedy, or the beige too?

    3. Am I confusing you too much :wacko:?
  2. I say go with Damier 25 Speedy and the beige keychain for now - lol!
  3. I say get both the epi lilac speedy and the damier one!! I think the black keychain would look good on damier. There is also the leather speedy keychain and the black leather keychain if you wanted to get the beige keychain and one of those.
  4. I prefer the damier speedy, mostly because it'd be more resistant to dirt and stains. And a black inclusion speedy keychain would be so cute with it !

    (so no, I'm not confused ! :biggrin:)
  5. i saw those too, but i much prefer the Inclusion ones. they're so cute!
  6. oooh the epi is so pretty!! i wonder if it's pinkish like the last photo or more greyish like the other three? it seems pretty neutral to me. you could wear it with any light colors, brown, navy or black. i think the only thing it wouldn't match is brights. i would get it before the damier, but i don't care for damier (except for the fun lining!)

    if you can afford it, i say one beige key chain, one bracelet, two speedies (but then again, if not for the wrath of DH, i would never say no either!:biggrin: ) you can never have too many speedies. damier always looked more brown than black to me, so black inclusion keychain wouldn't match perfectly...i think the beige would pop better. you don't need two because you'll won't be wearing two bags at once. :smile:

    edit: i just realized the black keychain would look nice with the light epi...ooh, there's an idea...
  7. that makes sense :yes:
  8. I vote for the Damier as well and the beige. I think the beige is really versatile and so far my bracelet really has taken a bunch of dings and still looks perfect.
  9. I'd get the Damier and forget the lilac, but I'm completely biased because I hate that particular color. I'd get both Inclusions, and esp. the bracelet- one of my fave LV items! The black would go great with Damier.
  10. Oooooh I like that lilac wouldn't see many of them around?????
  11. i think the lilac speedy's really pretty! but it's not 'vibrant' enuff for my liking, but that's just me :smile: if i were in your position, i'd go with the damier :yes: let us know what u decide!
  12. The lilac Speedy is pretty, but I would be afraid that it would show wear too easily. I think the Damier Speedy with the beige would be really pretty!
  13. i say get damier speedy over epi lilac.
    don't know much about the inclusion bracelets or can't help with that.
  14. Yes I saw the Lilac Speedy on ebay last night and I think it is gorgeous. I am not really into the whole Damier range myself (but I think I am the only one :shame: ) so I would go with the Epi and the fact that it is a discontinued colour makes it even more appealing ;) .
  15. Your not the only one!!!:yes: