Decisions decisions....

  1. Well I got through this weekend thanks to my two wonderful boys, a good bout of exercise today, and a good first day of Weight Watchers...

    I have decided that the medium Heritage tote is going back. Now I have to figure out. Do I order a large to replace it? Buy a black Ali I found which is a pretty good deal I think (what do all of you gals think is a good deal for an Ali these days? There's a black leather and a black sig available), try to find a black hippie, or just have nothing for now and see what comes out? Input greatly appreciated. :yes:
  2. Well it sounded from a previous post that you really wanted the Ali, so if that is the case then definitely get it this time. If you're not absolutely certain about the Ali for any reason, then I would wait to see what comes out in the coming weeks. I'm glad your rough weekend went ok - those little ones sure can put a smile on you face even when you dont feel like smiling!
  3. Do you need a Spring/Summer bag? I know black can be worn all year but I always think of it as a Fall/Winter bag. I like fun, light colors for Spring/Summer. The Heritage pink tote was definitely Springy. Are you into satchels? The Heritage satchel (not XL... the smaller size) can be ordered in ALL colors. I think the drop is 8in so you could wear it over the shoulder. You could order that in pink? If thats not for you, I would wait another month and see what else comes out.
  4. I would definitely would say the black Ali. I love the Ali but I am waiting for the right price. Good luck with your decision.
  5. Hi Jen.. I am happy that everything is ok now..:tup: and glad that you made your decision of returning the heritage tote. I think Ali is a really great bag and if you could find a good deal then go for it. Outlet sells it for $215 plus tax, so great deal would be more or less around that price $230ish. Good luck and take care :heart:
  6. I don't really have a spring/summer bag since I sold my denim shoulder bag except for my natural Ali. I wear a lot of black to work so black is good for me. I guess I could wait until March (hopefully the next PCE) and see if the Heritage totes are still around. There's also the Large Bleeker Flap which I could try to find. I love longer drops...
  7. If you need a Spring bag, I would wait and see what else comes out. The Heritage line is starting to grow on me. I think the smaller satchel might be a great bag. I like the fact that you can wipe it clean! I also have two boys, and in the summer when they're out of school, they are with me ALL the time. I'd love to have a nice khaki/white bag that will wipe clean! LOL.....I love my slim flap but she's staying in the closet with her tags attached untill ALL the new Spring bags are out and then I will decide....:yes:
  8. Actually the outlets have the ali's for $240 now that the additional 10% is over.. so that may be a factor in pricing too. Ali is a great bag, if you really want one, get it now while you can. If not, hold off and wait and see what comes out. :yes:
  9. The Large Bleeker Flap is a great bag. They are showing up at the outlets now.
    Why don't you give your outlet a call and see what they have. If not just wait
    until March and I am sure you will find something you like.
  10. I think if you can find a great deal on the black ali, you should get that because it will be versatile all year. But, waiting till March might be better if you're not really loving anything now.
  11. I say get the black Ali because you've been talking about it for weeks so you must really like it!
  12. Glad you are feeling better :smile: Ali in black is so pretty :tender: but if you really want a spring/summer bag then you may want to wait a bit and see what is coming out.