Decisions, Decisions....

  1. So Im going to LV again next week :graucho: Problem is, I'm not sure what to get... It's not like I'm actually planning to get something specific that I really wanted... No.. Im just going to look through the store and hopefully end up purchasing something...

    I dont want to buy any bags, since I just bought the Batignolles Vertical *AND* Batignolles Horizontal. So I was thinking of maybe purchasing an accessory or something.

    I could use a new wallet :yes:, but then again, I don't have a cles yet :nogood:

    If I do buy a wallet, which one do you guys think I should buy? I was thinking of the Porte-Tresor International but I dont know if it's too huge... Also, does that wallet come in Azur as well or just regular Damier?

    But if I end up buying a cles, which one should it be? Or should I get a 4-key Holder instead? If so, which one? Mono? Damier? Azur?

    Ugh. Decisions, decisions...

  2. 1st of all do not buy anything only because you feel you want to/have to buy something. Only buy somehing you a) like and b) use. In that case I suggest a Cles, because they are practical and cute.
  3. I dont usually buy stuff just 'cos I feel like I need to buy something. But I just got my salary and its nice to splurge on stuff once in a while, lol.

    Anyways ... Yes I was thinking about the cles too! Problem is, I dont know what to get... Azur? Damier? Mono? The choice is endless. But I'll be using it with my Batignolles Vertical so the obvious choice would be mono. But the truth is, I'm getting kinda sick of mono... lol

    The 4-key Holder is also an option.
  4. If you buy the P.Cles you can also use it as a bag charm, which is not possible with the 4/6-key holder.

    What about the Groom Cles? The standard Mono and Damier Cles are very plain, almost boring.
  5. You keep mentioning the 4 KeyHolder so it looks like you are wanting that more than a Cles.

    If you decide to get a 4 KeyHolder I would suggest to get it in Damier or Azur because 1) You mentioned you are already tired of regular Mono and 2) It is always very stylish to carry a variety of different LV lines all at once. You don't always have to be matchy-matchy when it comes to accessories.

    In my opinion, the Azur or Damier would stand out beautifully with your BV or BH Mono bag. :tup:
  6. I think Azur Clés would look stunning on a Mono bag!

    (P.S. I hate decisions too! I just can't make them, really can't.)
  7. I think you should get a pomme cles :yes:
  8. A Cles would be nice.
  9. Wow, you get salary at age 16?

    I think a cles would be good for your splurge, since you weren't planning anything to begin with.
  10. i woul get the wallet, maybe a pochette wallet in damier azur or in pomme d'amour? then again im a wallet-aholic
  11. I just got the mono zippy wallet yesterday and love it!!! The zippy wallet is's a new design and looks cute as a clutch, too.
  12. Lately I am in WANT of a new wallet, a 4 or 6 key holder, and a suhali cles....
  13. My best friend got me an azur's a bit smaller than my perfo green cles, but looks great against my mono speedy!!! but i prefer to match my perfo with the speedy though as the azur looks a *bit* too contrast-y against mono.

    i think you should get the PTI or the pochette wallet in a vernis colour like pomme or amarante!!!! those colours are soooooooooo YUMMY. i just found a PTI in vernis peppermint and i'm excited for it. it does hold lots, but i like larger wallets...!