Decisions! Decisions!

  1. I started briefly talking about this in another thread but I think a poll would work better.

    Obviously, when referring to Chanel there is no wrong answer here. :p

    I finally took the plunge and applied for a Saks card. So now I want to get my FIRST CHANEL!:yahoo:

    I know I want a medium flap in either tan or bordeaux.
    I could see both fitting well in my wardrobe--I just can't afford both right now.:crybaby:

    I need your opinions/advice on both colors.

    These are the two that are currently on hold for me at Saks: (the lv_lady & jupar- i hope you don't mind that i posted your gorgeous bags--if so, i apologize)

    medium caviar

    distressed/aged lambskin--don't know the actual name of the bag! :confused1:shame on me-i know! does anyone know?
  2. Ack! I got busy at work and my time ran out to post a poll!:tdown:

    Which color and why?

    Beige or Bordeux?
  3. I vote for the beige caviar! It is gorgeous & would look great with black, camel, jeans, everything! It has the old chain & the CC closure which stand out more to me. Good luck.
  4. I think the beige caviar looks classier.
  5. beige is more neutral and would go with a lot.. bordeaux is nice, too. Since you like both, close your eyes and pick one :p
  6. ty ladies for your quick input! :smile:
  7. for me, hands down, the red.
  8. I love red or bordeaux colors for Chanel bags, so I vote for the bordeaux bag.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  9. Absolutely the red. Saw it IRL. It's gorgeous!!!
  10. Absolutely the red -- it's edgier, hipper, younger, IMO.
  11. I like the beige one better!
  12. NOW you ladies are really giving me something to think about. I, too, saw both IRL and that's why I cannot make up my mind.

    I agree that the red is more modern & hip; I just LOVE the deepness of the color.

    The tan, imo, is also beautiful in it's own right.

    They are two distinct bags. However, I can easily see both as part of my wardrobe. That's why the decision is so hard! Gee, I sound so shallow...:nogood:
  13. I favor the bordeaux (tried it on!) but I do worry about the bijoux chain and the distressed lambskin. The SA told me it was sturdier than the regular lambskin but I still saw horrible scratch marks across the flap, outside and in, from what could only have been the chain.
  14. Bordeaux! I've never really liked the tan very much but the bordeaux is gorgeous.
  15. They are both pretty, but I like the Bordeaux a little better.