Decisions decisions !!!


Speedy 30 in Monogram, or Speedy in Mini Lin Ebène ?

  1. Speedy 30 Monogram

  2. Speedy Mini Lin Ebène

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  1. The ebene mini lin is beautiful! I guess what kind of speedy you buy depends on whether you like vachetta/patina or not.

    I've got a damier speedy on its way because I've discovered I don't much care for patina.
  2. Do you already have a LV bag?
    If you don't I would say go for the monogram one it's such a classic and classy bag!!!
  3. I'd go with the Mini Lin Dune actually! But between the Mini Lin Ebene and Monogram, I'd say Mini Lin Ebene for sure.
  4. Yes, all my bags are in mono.
  5. Monogram but if you hate the patina, I say go for damier. The mini lin line looks cute but I hate that it's not an all-weather bag. The material would need cleaning after sometime :tdown:
  6. speedy gets my vote. But instead of mono what about Azur.
  7. i prefer the Mini Lin. the Monogram is far too common and faked
  8. Monogram, I'm not a Mini Lin fan.
  9. Mono :tup:
  10. Ditto and for the same reason as yeuhonnetes mentioned.
  11. Mini Lin!!!!
  12. If all your other bags are Mono, I'd definitely go for a Mini Lin
  13. i would go for mini lin, especially if all of your other bags are monogram canvas!
  14. I love the monogram 30.