Decisions... Decisions...

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  1. I am having somewhat of a dilenma. Recently purchased the Light Silver Reissue (226), but my SA called and told me she has a metallic black for me!!! Also 226. Owning both is not an fellow TPFers...should i keep the light silver or exchange it for the black?? :confused1:

    She also told me the black cloth one just came in. Could it be the croc embossed-like satin bag?
  2. I'd think the black metallic is more versatile.
  3. i agree... the black metallic is dressy enough for the evening and at the same time low key enough for everyday...

    i love mine to death!
  4. This seems to be the debate for everyone. Whether to keep silver or go for the black metallic. I guess if you already have a black bag, than go for the silver. But if you don't have either, than go for the bag you truly love the best and that you will use the most. Every one has a bag that fits them better than someone else.

    If you can get them both and return one, so you can see them together, that would probably help your decision the most.

    I love the black, it is gorgeous, but I went for the silver since I wear a lot of silver, and already have a black Chanel bag I love.
  5. I have a black caviar e/w which I use for dinners, but it's too small for everyday. I think I am so torn b/t the two b/c I love the statement the Silver's very chic and stands out definitely. BUT...the metallic black seems like the bag everyone is talking
  6. i like the dark silver alot more than the light silver. i think if it was the dark silver, then there would be more of a reason to debate... but between the light silver and the black metallic, i think the black metallic wins! heheee.
  7. Black metallic for sure, it is just so versatile!
  8. I don't have either one of the bags that are part of your decision, I would say the black - if you want a more flexible bag color-wise to go with and do more with....but the silver is a real statement bag...which is beautiful. So, now that I have helped very little - hehehe...Good luck!! Great bags.:tup:
  9. I prefer the black metallic one cos it's not so bling bling.
  10. I would also prefer the black. It will really match everything, and will be less of a pain to worry about later as far as keeping clean. Black also obviously will show a lot less wear than silver. Don't get me wrong, the silver is TDF and a great bag if you want something that stands out, but personally I'd choose the black for practical reasons.

  11. 2nd. ITA.
  12. The black metallic is definitely more versatile, but the silver gets my vote. It is such a beautiful bag! I actually have both and think I would choose the silver if I could keep just one. Good luck, let us know what you decide!
  13. i prefer the metallic black as well because the light silver is too blingy for me. even the straps are really shiny metal as opposed to the straps of the metallic black, which are more antiquish.
  14. You should choose the bag that you are going to use the most. These bags are too beautiful to sit in a closet.
  15. I actually got to see the light silver IRL today. It's very pretty and I like it alot. But given the choice I got the black one. Definitely because I see more uses with it. Plus is such a pretty shade of black!