decisions decisions

  1. so i m going to the US v shortly. i have a bit of $$ saved for one last designer purchase before we buy a house. should i go for a bag (say MK or a leather Dooney or something) or some tiffany silver?
  2. Sorry... what's MK - Michael Kors? I think Tiffany silver jewelry would be nice and there are many options at different prices. I love the Tiffany silver pendants (Elsa Peretti).
  3. I'd go with the Tiffany silver jewelry.... so many beautiful styles to choose from at different price points.. plus... with a little care will last you a lifetime!;)
  4. Definately, if it were me, I'd buy the jewelry. As much as I love handbags, jewelry would be something I'd buy if I could.
  5. I agree, go with jewelry!
  6. If you already have a lot of bags, then go with the Tiffany's. If you're looking for a bag, I would steer you towards LV to get some damier! Tiffany's has so many cute silver designs you could get a complete set with necklace, bracelet and earrings all to match. It just depends on how much you want to spend. I find it hard to make up my mind because tiffany's has so much silver I like. have fun and good luck with the home purchase, too!
  7. I would go with the Tiffany jewels.
  8. Definitely Tiffany!! it's really worth the $$$ :smile:
  9. Tiffany's definately.