Decisions, decisions...

  1. I love , love , love the new amarante french purse. I cannot decide whether to get it or not as I already have a pomme zippy. And if i were to get it , when do you think i can get to use it since I don't change wallet that often? What do you guys say? Pls help ...:smile:
  2. If you don't think you'll use it much, maybe get a bag in Amarante...BUT since you LOVE the French purse you can always rotate your wallet, if you do it every few weeks etc. it won't be that troublesome.....
  3. I would choose a bag instead .. I rotate my bags MUCH more than my wallets..
  4. Don't get something you won't use.
  5. ^^ :yes:
  6. I tend to agree, unless you're buying a wallet you tend to want to use all the time i wouldnt spend the money. I mean you can get a hand bag for what you're going to pay for the wallet. But if you plan on using that wallet for the next 3-5 yrs its worth it.
  7. I would buy an bag instead of a wallet...
  8. Since you already have a wallet, I would get a bag. I plan to use my LV wallet until it falls apart.
  9. get the bag.
  10. I just purchased this wallet (through eLux and am awaiting its arrival). I have a couple LV wallets (2 ludlows). I intend to rotate wallets depending on what bag I'm carrying. So I say, "Get it!" Especially if you know you'll use it.
  11. I'd get a bag also since you don't use wallets as much.
  12. ^^ Ita
  13. bag, no questions asked!
  14. If I was you, I'd opt for a bag, which you will probably use more.

    Let us know what you decide.

  15. bag bag bag much easier to rotate !