Decisions, decisions...

  1. I've been a long time tPF member/lurker. I'm usually on the LV forums but recently I've fallen for so many of the new Chanel bags :p

    Anyway, I need some help deciding on which Chanel I want as my first one. I've always liked the caviar flap but what drew me into Chanel initially was the grey reissue that they released in 2005. I missed out on it though and saw it on eBay last year. I guess I'm just debating whether or not I want to spend $1k to around $2k probably on something that'll just end up in my closet after several months at the most. I have tons of LV so picking up a Chanel will be a big change for me. I prefer buying new bags from the boutique but I probably don't have that option if I want the reissue.

    I really love the cotton club bowler in white but I think I'd have to see it in person to determine whether or not I'd be willing to spend that much on something that feels like another cambon series. Not that there's anything wrong with the cambon line, but I don't want to spend that much on my first Chanel and have it go on sale ever. That's probably part of why I like Louis Vuitton so much.

    Ahh, sorry if this is becoming a total run-on thread but I just don't want to buy a Chanel that'll just become another closet dwelling bag. What I've narrowed it down to is the 2005 reissue (love all of the colors unfortunately), cotton club bowler, or cotton club tote. And any advice is appreciated seeing as I'm a total Chanel newbie. Thanks in advanced, everyone! :smile:
  2. What about a luxe flap or bowler or even the new rock and chain flap??? Those are nice and classic
  3. I think the only one who can determine whether a bag will dwell in your closet is you. ;) I suggest that you take a look at your collection and see what you have vs. what you need. The cotton club bowler or tote would serve a very different purpose than the gray reissue. Are you looking for an everyday bag or an evenings out bag? Both bags are gorgeous and you really can't go wrong, unless the bag you choose just doesn't fit your lifestyle or you already have a bag that fulfills the same purpose.

    Good luck with your decision! Can't wait to see what you end up getting for your first Chanel!! :nuts: :yes:
  4. I love the cotton club tote, do searches for it and you will see some nice pics.
  5. i used to think that i would not spend money on the cotton club range cos they look similar to the cambon.. but now i think they are actually special in their own ways. Cambon is a funky cheery bag with the contrasting lining, whereas the chains on the cotton club plus the pearly-metallic sheen makes it look classy.

    I have both the cambon and the cotton club totes and i love them both as much. :love: Besides not all cambon go on sale.. :yes:

    I think the reissue is a classic piece :love: and between the cotton club bowler and tote.. it really depends on whether you are a big bag girl or not :yes: I personally prefer the tote :flowers:
  6. Noegirl05: I'll go take a look at those styles too. I was browsing the reference section earlier and I like the diamond stitch too!! I love the chain with the interwoven leather strap but I also love the rectangular turnlock. Thanks for the suggestions!

    sharbear508: Most of my purses are small because that's what I originally liked for the past few years but ever since I got my damier speedy 25, I've been hauling a lot more stuff with me. The most recent bag I've gotten was this huge, beachy, striped terry cloth Lacoste tote in which I lug everything :p . I think I'd like an everyday bag since it's going to be my first Chanel. Thanks for your comment too :smile:

    sjunky13: My friend recently got her cotton club tote but she said that she's seen a few issues concerning the bag and it falling apart. I love the look of it too, but I'd get too upset if anything on it was delicate because I figure that durability is a part of the steep price that you pay.

    happie_berrie: Yup, I totally agree. I love that sheen that it has to it! I'm so addicted to Chanel nail polish that I thought maybe I should pick up a purse too. Haha, I know it sounds like a huge jump but there's never a wrong time to get a new Chanel :biggrin: . I think that if I were to get the bowler, I would just pay the extra few hundred for the tote. I was hoping for input on which one over the many, but it seems like not even Chanel lovers can pick just one :p . Thank you for your advice though, I can use all of the info that I get!
  7. cotton club is pretty! I love mine! But mine is light silver!!
  8. I love the white :girlsigh: Does it get dirty easily? Well, I guess it doesn't matter to me since I'm one of those girls that not only wipes down a seat for her bag but sets a napkin down before placing the bag in the seat :blush:
  9. i can't imagine not wanting to use a chanel once you get your hand on it
  10. How about the GSTs and PSTs for a starter?
  11. I would go with the Reissue. I bought mine this January at Saks. You might be lucky and find one if you call all Saks, NM etc.
    Even though the reissue is looking more formal than my other bags I wear it a lot with jeans and a cashmere sweater. It's one of my most favourite bags.
  12. I've decided to hunt down a black GST with silver hardware!! Thank you to everyone that left their advice and comments. I'll definitely make a new post as soon as I get it!! I can't wait! :yes: