Decisions, decisions...

  1. :flowers: Hi gals...

    I am in the process of DECIDING (ugh:smile: - so many beautiful bags, such limited funds! LOL) on what my next bag will be.

    My obsession started at 20 y.o. with a Ghurka, next was a Dooney and Bourke (the 80's), followed by a Furla, a couple Coach's, a LV and now I am a new mom and living in Hawaii and want a bag that *sort of* reflects that. Something on the bigger side, fun, fine quality, practical yet modern and somewhat *understated*.
    So far I am leaning toward a Kooba (Braeden) or Isabella Fiore.
    I know these aren't the very high end super designer styles:drool: that many here acquire, but they seem to be what I'm gravitating toward right now. They also fit my new wife/mom budget.

    SO! I would :heart: LOVE:heart: and appreciate any and all advice and info on these bags that anyone might have, especially since I will be purchasing it *sight unseen*/on line because we have very little good shopping here in Maui.:crybaby:

    Thanks for any and all input!
  2. There are some great Koobas out there, and they are all mostly under $600 if you perchase one IRL.
  3. welcome to TPF!

    Lots of Kooba lovers here, myself included. I am not currently inducted into the cult of IF worship, but there are others here who share your passion. You will most likely develop a few more if you spend any amount of time here. I did!

    Again, welcome! :yes:
  4. :confused1: IRL?
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome...

    :yahoo: OMGosh... Any idea where I might find my fellow IF-ers?
    Haven't seen them yet. Would love to say *hi* and possibly get some advice.
    Also, what do you know about or think about the Kooba Woven Braeden? Any help you can offer?

  6. *** Actually realllllllllllllllllly want the Kooba Ada Woven, but can't seem to find that for the same deal as the Braeden :crybaby:
  7. OUCH LOL... I just found a site that had some comments by readers on their opinion of this bag and everyone thinks it's ugly... :push: :crybaby: LOL
  8. Don't let the opinions of others sway you. It is really hard, but there will always be people who don't like something. A lot of people even here look down on certain brands, and that is unfortunate. We all have different tastes and budgets.

    I am a new Kooba fan! I love the new Elisha style, and I just bought a metallic gold Devin (that I'm sure many people will think is hideous!). Post some pics of styles you like and you will get more opinions! I am not yet familiar with all the style names for Kooba or IF.