Decisions, decisions...

  1. :flowers: Hi gals...

    I am in the process of DECIDING (ugh:smile: - so many beautiful bags, such limited funds! LOL) on what my next bag will be.

    My obsession started at 20 y.o. with a Ghurka, next was a Dooney and Bourke (the 80's), followed by a Furla, a couple Coach's, a LV and now I am a new mom and living in Hawaii and want a bag that *sort of* reflects that. Something on the bigger side, fun, fine quality, practical yet modern and somewhat *understated*.
    So far I am leaning toward a Kooba (Braeden) or Isabella Fiore.
    I know these aren't the very high end super designer styles:drool: that many here acquire, but they seem to be what I'm gravitating toward right now. They also fit my new wife/mom budget.

    SO! I would :heart:LOVE:heart: and appreciate any and all advice and info on these bags that anyone might have, especially since I will be purchasing it *sight unseen*/online because we have very little good shopping here in Maui.:crybaby:

    Thanks for any and all input!
  2. Welcome!
    I personally love Kooba.. I have a marcelle... I love it! But others here can sing the praises of Kooba better than I!
  3. what will you be using it for?

    what colors/materials do you like?

    i'm shopping around with all different kinds of designers right now.

    on a daily basis i carry a large black coach tote. i love it.

    i am currently awaiting a Kooba Bonnie in Blonde.

    i am on a waiting list for a Tano Love Boat in Celeste Blue.

    I am also interested in Tod's, Botkier, Bulga, and last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST Hayden Harnett. do a search on those designers and i'm sure you'll have your hands full!
  4. i love koobas and own several, yet now i am leaning toward hayden harnett...the bags are gorgeous and i've heard that the leather is unbelievable from people who own them...check out their website as well...good luck!
  5. Alrighty Miss Vicious~
    Yesterday I *stumbled upon* your TANO thread and LO and BEHOLD! - there, I think, are my bags!!!
    Wooohoooo !
    I just checked our Hayden Harnett too, OMG!!! If I could afford it, I believe that'd be the bag for me, but they are just a little out of my budget at the moment. :sad:
    **Any idea where I can find them at a discount???:smile:
    Also, would LOVEEEEEE Marly's BV Rivet bag!
    But I can only dream of such a bag for now! LOL

    ...So, until then, I found some Tano's that I am beginning to adore...
    I would love everyone's opinion:

    In tan or brown...
    (this is really the Tano Sex Bomb- I believe)

    Also known as Drama Queen...

    similar to the Sex Bomb... this is the Suzy Hotrod

    I like this one too, my only concern is that it will really collapse and do the realllly droopy thing...
    (color is perfect tho)
    I found these on
    I love the Tano Jet Setter, but it seems to be discontinued.

    :heart: Love, Love, Love :heart: this Tano, but I can't seem to find it in any other colors.... I actually LOVE this color but need a tan/brown bag right now.

    As far as your questions go...
    I like buttery soft, matt leather(ever so slight sheen- like the above bags)...
    Need medium brown or beige/tan, rigtht now, and I like a bit of silver *hardware* sometimes, ie: buckles, straps, grometts, rivets, etc...
    I like woven bags too.

    SO!! THANKS BUNCHES :flowers: for the Tano tip, Vicious. They've definitely brought more handbag joy to my life!
  6. OOPS- what I forgot to say is that I really want the Tano Jetsetter in tan or lt brown, but it looks like it's no longer available.

    Anyone know where I can find one?
    I really liked the Love Boat, it just looked a bit large for me. Wanting a medium size bag.
  7. Is it correct that the Sex Bomb and the Jetsetter are the same bag?:confused1:
  8. They are the same style but with different leathers.
  9. The SexBomb vs. the JetSetter? different leathers?
  10. So, thanks to the Hayden-Harnett post and JudieH I have found 4 new bags!
    LunaBoston has some great deals on them:
    Mercer clutch

    Havana Hobo

    Lorca flap

    Hudson Hobo

    Please feel free to tell me what you think...
    This is getting more difficult. This is a terrible thing! LOLOLOL
  11. Two more from JCMadison to add to my confusion:

    IF Dream Weaver Hannah

    Dream Weaver CoCo
  12. Oh My, you better not look into any other threads or you will have a to take out a second mortgage! I can see how easily enticed you are! LOL
    Vicious also got me sucked in with her Tano post so I told her she wasn't allowed to do that anymore. She's a dangerous one that girl is :p .
    I had to preorder a Tano bag just because of her.
    All of the bags you posted are nice. You really have to narrow down what you need. What kind of leather, The weight of the bag, price, and functionality. It may take all the fun out of impulse buying but it may spare you a return. You got bags of all sizes here too so you need to decide what size you need.

    Isabella Bags are wonderful and Heavy.
    Kooba Braeden weighs more than my husband.
    HH bags have nice leather. But if you can't afford a HH then you can't afford an IF or Kooba.
    Decisons Decisions.
    My personal favorite of all is the Tano side tassle.
  13. Looks like you love satchels and hobos, mostly, which is very much like me....and you love the neutrals.....I would go with any number of those bags. I love them all, truly.
  14. i would go for kooba.