Decisions, Decisions...

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Which one?

  1. Nano Luggage in Kohl

    11 vote(s)
  2. Small Big Bag in Black

    8 vote(s)
  1. Hi all — longtime lurker but first-time poster!

    Torn between making my next Céline purchase either a nano luggage in Kohl drummed leather or a small big bag in grained black leather! I am torn equally, but there is no way I can afford both right now (in time hopefully!) I was hoping some of you ladies might be able to sway me? :smile:

    Pros and Cons Below:

    — Price-wise, about the same for me. Both are still available with the ‘é’ accent mark on the logo, as far as I am aware, which is a plus in my book! :smile:

    — I am 5’3, and both fit me just fine crossbody and shoulder carrying. The W18 small big bag I am considering has an adjustable length strap whereas the nano does not.

    —I do not typically carry much beyond my keys, wallet, phone and a small toiletries bag — the nano is considerably lighter, but the small big bag offers more room just incase I would need to carry more (I am an avid domestic traveler.)

    — I already own a mini luggage in black drummed leather, so it could be argued that the mini luggage is quite similar in size and profile — especially if I got in black grained leather.

    — I have read several rave reviews for the long-term wear and tear of nano luggage in the forum, but have been hard-pressed to find many reviews of the small big bag, particularly in grained leather. (I am not actually positive whether the W18 version grained leather is pebbled or drummed?) Can anyone report on whether the structure holds up over time or tends to go soft/slouchy?

    Thank you all so much for your thoughts or help in advance!
  2. It is a hard decision. I have both bags. I think nano luggage is enough for what you carry. I am also 5’3’’ and the lenght of the strap doesn’t bother me at all, but the length of the small big bag bothers me because it is not adjustable. I do like the small big bag very much, it is very light and easy to carry. Mine is in smooth leather and it is slouchy now. I wote for nano luggage, because you already ja a bigger bag in black drummed leather. I hope this helps!
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  3. I have both also and agree that the nano will fit what you need. I love my big bag but I have it in a smooth not pebbles so it is definitely softer. The nano is such a convenient size and I love the kohl color, it goes with everything!
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  4. Thank you both so much for your responses, and helpful comments! I was pretty much settled on getting a Nano as my next Céline bag and the fact that the Kohl came in the drummed leather was perfect! But when I went in to try on the bag recently, this small big bag in the grained leather caught my eye and caused me to reconsider — the leather for this season appeared to be drummed (I forgot to ask!) and it had added an adjustable strap, which are the main features that have caused me to weigh the decision a little longer.

    Belatedly, I realize I failed to mention in the original post that I also have a micro belt in dark gray, which while very different from the nano, is also a smaller bag in gray with gold hardware. Not sure if this affects anyone’s leaning?

    Out of curiosity for those of you that own both bags, do either of you feel like you are reaching more for one bag over the other?
  5. I also have the micro belt in grey. Micro belt fits way more then the nano luggage and has a shorter strap then the nano luggage. It is also more complicated to use.

    I am reaching more for my small big bag. Most of the time I can fit everything I carry in the nano, but I like bigger bags so I don’t have to rearrange stuff so everything can fit.
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  6. Right now I reach for my nano more. The smaller size is more convenient for me right now. The small big bag has a large base so it does need a bit of room.
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  7. Thank you both so much for your additional insight! Unfortunately, I am still torn equally between the two — I will be making a trek to Saks tonight to try on both for comparison again and then will hopefully have a better idea... if not a new bag! ;)

    (Pics/update to come?)
  8. How did it go? :biggrin:
  9. I actually got held up late last night with a rush project at work and was unable to run by like I had planned, but am planning on running by this evening. Very excited..!
  10. Oh that's typical! Let us know how it went when you have had the chance to pop by! :biggrin: If I were you I think I would lean a little extra towards the small big bag as you already have a luggage bag! In case you ever get tired of seeing the design (as it was a very hyped bag for quite some time, and is quite a stand out design) you will only get tired of one bag instead of two. And as the other is more "anonymous" it might stand the test of time better in terms of "feel old".

    Don't mistake this for me not liking the luggage, I would love to have a nano luggage myself, they are gorgeous, but I would not get two of them at this point. Or well, if money was no object i'd get them in every size and color ever made.. :smile:
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  11. Right?! If money were no object, I could get both bags and be done with it hahaha...

    You bring up a very good point! Because my luggage is in the mini size and has similar lines, texture, color to the small big bag I was eyeing, I have so far been more concerned about the similarities between them vs. having the same style in two sizes.

    Thank you so much for your insight! I have a very difficult decision to make this evening...
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