Decisions, decisions...your opinion?

  1. OK, I am trying to decide between a whisky or a mousse paddy. Anyone have a favorite?:lol:
  2. Mousse, mousse, mousse, OH! did I mention mousse!!!!
  3. Gosh you are so undecided! Thanks:smile:
  4. mousse!
  5. Wow, is that mousse? It looks even better than I thought, is that pretty true to color?
  6. MmMmM I like the mousse too!!
  7. i took the picture without flash but next to the window with sunlight. i think it's pretty true to real life color. it is a gorgeous bag.
  8. Thank you very much Savannah!
  9. you are welcome!
  10. I love the whiskey color!!! It looks great in the Paddy AND the Edith too!
  11. Mousse is very pretty but Whiskey gets my vote. Next would be chocolate brown:smile:)
  12. I like both but I vote for Whiskey!
  13. I have both the whiskey and the mousse. Can I vote for two? They're both so different. If I absolutely had to pick between the two, I would do it so by the clothes I wear. Whiskey is a warm toned vice mousse is cool toned. So if you wear a lot of blues, mousse definitely. If you like warmer hues, go with the whiskey. And if you can get both, by all means, do so!!!
  14. 0o0o0o, what a hard one... i'd probably lean more towards the whiskey...

    I'm probably alone here but I think the mousse looks washed out. Not a fan.

    Good luck