decisions, decisions... What would you do?

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  1. Hello fello tPF'ers,

    If you have a damier speedy 30 already, would you yearn for damier Duomo?

    Thanks in advance:P
  2. yes! Duomo looks awesome
  3. Yes
  4. Personally I am not a fan of the Duomo...not really sure is cute, but just not for me:smile:

    Loooooooooooooooove damier speedy though!!!
  5. But some people say that they look similar. Does it sound like you are waisting money?

    I am so confused:confused1:
  6. It also depends if you want another hand-held bag??? If so then it is a GREAT bag:yes:
  7. I know many people love duomo but somehow, I'd rather use the money to buy other LV bags if I already have a damier hand held bag. LV has so many nice designs to choose from! :P
  8. love it.. yes!
  9. i have both. i got the duomo for christmas 05 and the speedy the day it came out. both are lovely bags and i use both, and would never get rid of either unless i had to.

    they make look alike in picture, but in usage and function they are totally different. i will attach pictures so you can see the difference. the speedy is like a bottomless holds so much. the duomo on the other hand is very structured and cannot hold nearly as much as what i carry in my speedy on a daily basis.



    Here's a side by side view:

    Hope this helps!
  10. I would personally just have one or the other because they are very similar IMO. If I got the Duomo, I would sell the Speedy.

  11. This sounds like something I would do too....unless they made a Damier AZUR Duomo, then it's a totally different bag. :yes:
  12. Thank you Blackbutterfly and everybodyelse for the pictures and your thoughts. It does help me to make my decision:smile:
  13. Probably not. I would buy something from another mono or vernis.
  14. My DH thinks they look too similar in shape...
  15. Normally I would say if you like it get, but they are really the end it's up to you....

    Is there alot of other items on your wish list? Then maybe something different.