Decisions, decisions...what to buy?

  1. Ok, so I have been given an unexpected amount of money. I am putting $100 in my IRA but I will have approximately $400 leftover. I need a dark brown bag, as all I am carrying right now is my black leather large Carly. It needs to be fairly big (not necessarily as big as the large Carly or anything) and I would prefer leather. It needs to be able to go to the office, as it will double as a work bag. I'm not too crazy on the "C" pattern, unless it is dark and blends in. Basically, I need a classy, beautiful bag that goes with a lot.

    What bag should I get? I'm open to suggestions, and add pictures if you can! :smile:
  2. Ergo tote: (wanted to add that this is my favorite, I have it in turquiose!)

    Hampton's medium carryall:


    Chelsea hobo (medium):

  3. Ok, I like the dark brown ones, but I'm going to nix the Hamptons tote because it's not dark brown enough for me. None of my shoes would coordinate. ;)

    Anyone else? :angel:
  4. Oops double post. Carry on!
  5. Yeah, I threw the Hampton bag in because it's more 'business-like' but the tote is my very favorite. It's not heavy, fits a lot in it for the size and I think it's classy! I love my turquoise tote in that size.
  6. I REALLY love
  7. The new chelsea bags in chocolate are really pretty. You could also look at the gallery tote in brown signature.
  8. Sorry for the previous post. I really love the Chocolate leather Chelsea Hobo. I saw it today and it is beautiful. THe satchel is stunning as well
  9.'s another vote for the's classy, functional, and structured, yet soft and can be casual!

    If you aren't feeling the Ergo, how about a Gallery Tote?? Simple and functional.

  10. Ooh I like the Gallery tote! Looks like it will go a lot...

    Does anyone have the Hamptons Leather Signature Medium Carryall? Any pics in action? I've never seen one in person...
  11. Ooh, I agree about the Gallery Tote. Beautiful!
  12. The Gallery tote is gorgeous!

    I don't have the carryall but I can tell you that if it comes in chocolate signature, it's to die for! I'm not a siggie gal but got a bleeker bag in chocolate signature and it's just beautiful! Let us know what you get! :tup:
  13. I don't have one but it's sooooooooooooooooooo nice in person!! The mahogany one is definitely on my wishlist!!
  14. [​IMG]

    love this bag just too big for me!!! this beauty is priced right at your budget $398