Decisions, decisions... What do you think?

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  1. So I need a wallet. I don´t really feel like a grown-up yet so even though I love Bearn it´s just too much for me. At the moment I have this ugly green thing that I paid 4 euros for. (You would laugh, hard, if I showed it to you.) Now I´m ready to upgrade. My first choice vas Dogon combined but then I realised that it´s way too big for me. Then I was thinking about this combination: Clarisse GM, Calvi card holder and possibly Bastia coin puse. But then just today I realised there is this most wonderful thing called Dogon compact! That is like Clarisse+Bastia. Am I right? I usually carry few cards, some coins and some bills. So finally my question is: do you think that Dogon compact would work for me? Or should I get all three?

    I would really appreciate your help! :heart:
  2. Oh and one more thing. Is the Dogon compact easy to get? Or is it somewhat rare?
  3. I'll say go with the Dogon compact :tup: You'll go GRAZY fiddling with three different purses. I believe you'll find a nice collection of Dogons at FSH :okay:and they will be happy to let you try out all the models before deciding.
  4. I think you are right MsReya. The thing is that once again my plans have changed. I was supposed to go to Paris in few weeks but instead I´m going to Strasbourg in May and then to Asia for three weeks in June-July. Well I just hope there is lovely Dogon compact waiting for me in Strasbourg...