Decisions, Decisions:This time '08 Magenta SGH PICS

  1. BAM! :yahoo: '08 Pale Magenta with GSH!!!

    ~~Total Impulse Buy while I was still digesting my new Tomato City....~~

    Not sure if I'm gonna keep or return her, but I wanted to show you all this bag!!! I think her leather is great, yes a bit more mottled than most, but thick and uniform, and the SGH is so awesome on this color!!! I am only thinking of returning her because I'm so nervous to rock a Magenta bag! She sure looks great with my skin tone...:p

    I'll take better modeling shots if I decide keep but for now I've decided to cover my face in shame of my impulses and indecision!!!:shame:

    Enable me please!!!:nuts:
    IMG_1007.JPG IMG_0992.JPG IMG_1015.JPG IMG_1011.JPG IMG_1005.jpg
  2. She is lovely and you look beautiful with her! This is the first pale magenta that I have liked! You are a bad influence on me... you ... enabler.... Now my turn..... I love her on you, keep her! Unless you are nervous about the COLOR.... She is gorgey though!
  3. You know what i am going to say.:p Your heart was palpitating and you were sweating:lol: and i saw you modeling it for me and it looked awsome on you.:tup: If you think you won't be using it as often as you should then let it go. Otherwise it looks good on you. :yes::heart:
  4. Shasta & Nanaz - I knew you would be the first to respond - I've enabled both of you in past two weeks!!! LOL!

    I was definately having palpitations:sweatdrop:...and still am each time I try her on!

    For those of you who rock Magenta - are you self conscious about it or do you get used to it???

    Tomato didn't make me self conscious at all - felt like I've always had her KWIM?
  5. I love the way the silver looks against the Magenta!:tup:
  6. I saw the Magenta with GSH yesterday and it was gorgeous!!!! The leather wasn't the best though!

    I love the color's amazing.....send her my way if you decide "nay"!!! You look amazing though!
  7. omg i would love to paint my bathroom with this same magenta faux finish!!!
  8. It looks amazing on should definitely keep it!
  9. I reckon you can rock that magenta baby, no problem at all :supacool:
  10. oh my goodness, the magenta is HOT!!!! And you look very cute with it~!!
  11. If you had to choose between the two, I would pick the Tomato City.

    If you can keep both, BONUS, I would for sure!
  12. It is a beautiful shade of magenta, but I am on the fence on whether or not I like it with the GGH. Is the bag heavy to carry compared to RH city's?
  13. oooh such a tough one..totally different colours and i love the both of them! would it be bad that i say you should keep it??? you really suit that colour!
  14. Hee hee are u really expecting any of us to say NO SEND IT BACK?

    Come on! It looks gorgeous on you!
  15. Oh, you totally rock this bag. So if you don't have to choose between the two bags, I say keep it. Plus it has such nice, smooth, thick-looking leather. :heart: