Decisions, Decisions. Please Help!

  1. Okay, my fellow crazed Tokidoki fans!!! I have a dilemma i'd really love help with. The stellina and the zucca are bags that I absolutely have to have. The problem is I don't know which print to get them in. I want them both to be different, as I'd like all my Tokis to have different prints. I think my fav. print is the Transporto. I also like the Spiaggia and the Tutti. So of the three which do you think would look the best on the bag styles?

    Please help! I can't make up my mind anymore!
  2. Okay I think:

    The Spiaggia for the zucca because it looks like a bigger print (a whole scene) and that it might not look as nice cut up on the stellina's pockets

    The Transporto for the stellina because it looks like its not really a scene so much as characters floating around looking cute doing stuff...

    And the tutti maybe something else entirely, I was thinking a bambino for mine since I don't have one yet.

    I love the stellina its my favorite style, I have three bags in it.. geez lol.
  3. I agree Spiaggia Zucca since the print looks pretty big and Transporto Stellina. That way even if the print is cut up due to the pockets and flaps, it should still look okay. As for the Tutti, how about a caramella? I am thinking something flat with no pockets or zippers to cut the print off. Or a BV or MM or Ciao.
  4. Until I actually see the prints (and not just swatches) I couldn't even begin to decide.
  5. I agree with snapcat and disney those would be my picks.
  6. Do you girls think the Campeggio would cut up the Spiaggia print badly as well? Since you had mentioned it was more of a scene print. A Campeggio is bigger than the Stellina. I’ve already got a Zucca and BV and just didn’t want to repeat bags. :confused1:
  7. I've been thinking about a campeggio or stellina in the spiaggia too. Just because I think I want a one strap bag. Although I think the BV will look the best.

    At least on the backside of the campeggio I would think you would get a lot of the scene captured.

    I'm going to wait til it comes out and see some pics of the print on the different bags.