Decisions decisions...Part I and II

  1. (Part I)
    Went to LV boutique yesterday and had so much fun. Thanks to all the great advice I found here I was able to get the most out of my visit. But oh the drama...!!! Was dying to post yesterday but DH came home late with camera.

    I had already planned to get the azur 25, but also wanted something useful in pomme. Since most of you suggested the new vernis cles I had a photo print out ready (when I spoke to SA on the phone they didn't seem to know what I was talking about, and thought I meant the heart purse!) When I got there was pleasently surprised to see quite a few violete items. So I showed the SA photo of the cles I wanted. She had to ask a senior SA who said yes, its available. I was like woohoo bring it on! When I saw it I was like :love:. After inspecting the cles I noticed a small silver spec on the front and the lovely SA took out another perfect one for me.

    I knew that it was bigger than the regular cles and the dimensions looked like it could fit my small cellphone . But when I tried to put my phone into it, it was a bit too small by a few mm! Uhh...I was sooo disappointed! A mini pochette would be much more useful, but I wanted something in pomme!! So my heart starts racing :sweatdrop: should I, shouldn't I. I was afraid of buyers remorse and yet it is a limited item. Plus it was a bit pricy for a small item, and DH would sure think :wtf:).

    The sweet and patient SA was like "oh you have to get it, its a limited item, its not even on display yet, not many people know about it (I wouldn't have known if not for tPFers), and you even came here with a photo and everything..."...And I was still :sweatdrop:. I tried to think of something to justify purchasing this gorgeous but impractical (IMO) item but I just couldn't...:crybaby:

    So I reluctantly sad nevermind, just the speedy 25 for me today (which despite the cles I was very excited about!). So she wraps it up and gives me a gift box as well. And I leave the boutique with a mixture of elation and sadness.

    I pay the parking ticket and get into my car and suddenly :wtf::wtf::wtf:.....
  2. What happened next?

    Let me guess - the SA placed the "wrong" bag in the box?! Or you go back to the store?!
  3. Oh did you go back to the store and get the new cles????

    I have the same thought about the cles...i know its a bit impractical but its just tooo gorgeous to pass up. I was thinking of using it to store my driverin license, a few dollar notes and a ATM card, on the days that i don't feel like taking my HUGE balenciaga le compagnon wallet. It might be a good idea, since i don't take my cc with me, i won't think about going shopping??:graucho:
  4. she put the cles in the bag too???? what happened???
  5. sorry, my post keeps hanging
  6. (PArt II)

    Apparently my subconcious mind was looking for a justification to buy the cles because suddenly I thought, "Hey, wait a minute! Weren't you obsessing about jack & lucie before? This cles is much much more useful than that! You HAVE to get it or lose sleep over the fact that you le it go!". There. THAT was my justification. So I rushed back to LV (I had already paid for my parking ticket, so had to be quick). Needless to say my SA was pleasently surprised to see me back so soon. hehe
  7. So after all that drama I came home with two brown boxes. DH loved the speedy but was ??? about the cles. But I love it; my most exciting purchase ever.

    Last week I got the mono speedy 25 and eugenie wallet. Here's some pics of my LV lovelies and some modelling pics I want to share.

    Thanks for reading everyone!
  8. My LV family
  9. Some modelling pics
    yummum-azur.JPG yummum-azur-2.JPG yummum-mono.JPG
  10. congrats! i like the family pic :love:
  11. Congrats!!!! The pomme cles looks sooooo HOT w. the Azur speedy!!!
  12. Congrats .. I agree the azur looks fab with the pomme:love:
  13. ahhh thats a cute story and good on ya foe choosing them both, thats what makes u a true lv-er
  14. Congrats, the cles looks wonderful on your bags! :heart:
  15. Congrats, they all look fab!