Decisions Decisions Part 2

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Which Bag Would You Buy If You Could Buy Two Of These?

  1. Black Brief RH

  2. Black Part-Time RH

  3. Turquoise City RH

  4. Tomato Red City RH

  5. Turquoise Day RH

  6. Black Day RH

  7. Tomato Red Step RH

  8. Pine Green Part-Time RH

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I want to get 2 bags for the Saks promo & have found many options so being a newbie need your help.

    I have a black CITY RH & a coral FIRST RH.

    I am in my 50's.

    I live in a driving city.

    I live in Dallas so climate is pretty temperate.

    I wear neutrals/monochromatic colors mostly Eskandar, Eileen Fisher, etc.

    I'd like to get something that 1) I will love and 2) that is desirable.

    So help me out here (assuming these are all still available after the zillion phone calls I have made).

    So if you were me, which are your top picks.

    Also still looking for Ivory or White in RH in just about any style or the neon yellow in a FIRST.

  2. Even though the poll didn´t work when I tried to vote my vote still goes to a day turq RH and tomato city RH.......yummy colours IMO!

  3. :woohoo:Wow, balthus!!! I'm so glad that you were able to find so many that you like to choose from! Is Debbie holding them all for you?

    I cheated and voted for 3, but even that was tough to narrow down!

    #1 Tomato City - I would consider this a must, especially if it has nice leather!!! Tomato is one of the most amazing Bal colors, IMHO!!

    #2 Black Brief or PT - I'm very into both of these styles right now (trying to decided between a Black SGH Brief or PT myself) so I voted for both!

    Also, I think that the Black RH Day could be a great choice as well - it's a fabulous casual bag!
  4. She has some and others are culled from other stores. So you'd do another black for bag 3 or 4 even if you have a black city?
  5. ^^ Yes, BUT maybe I'm not the best person to ask because I don't think you can ever really have too many black bags :P! I will admit, though, I was reading too fast and didn't see that you had mentioned that you already have a Black City. In that case, I would either go with the Black Brief or a Turquoise Day or City (if you want to incorporate more color into your Bal collection). I stand by Tomato, though :yes: - I've never seen Coral IRL yet so I'm not certain how similar they really are, but Tomato is sooo fabulous!!
  6. The Coral is really beautiful. I like it because it has that summery look to it - great with black, white, brown, navy, etc (oh theres an OPI nail polish color I am trying to think of that it reminds me of). I wore it to dinner Saturday night wearing a black silk Eskandar blouse & slacks & had 3 woman come over to compliment me on it and that rarely happens so if you can find one, go for it.
  7. I say Tomato City and Black Day!! 1 neutral and 1 pop of color sounds right to me :tup:, this way you will always have the black to fall back on when your outfit doesn't match the red! And red, well, I just love the idea of a red handbag! Good luck and let us know which you picked!
  8. definitely tomato! and i also voted for the pine green, just cause its so gorgeous. but TOMATO HANDS DOWN!
  9. Voted for Tomato because it's (IMO) one of Balenciaga's best colors. Also voted for a black Day because I think it's a classic/casual bag that really fits everyday needs.
  10. Well since everything at Saks is selling like hotcakes because of the Triple Points & EKG and I am going to be swamped at work tomorrow, I decided to place my order today.

    The 07 Tomato Red City was gone.

    You snooze you lose.

    But since I just got the Coral First I am not feeling too bad.

    So I went for the Turquoise City and the Black Day.

    What I had to do was also buy a $75 Juicy Tote Bag to count as my 2nd bag so SA could use the $400 EGC towards my purchase.

    No tax.

    Free shipping.

    So a City & a Day for a net price of $1,865.

    Not a bad deal.

    About 15% off plus triple points.

    This Saks promotion is great although not imperfect.

    Some stores are allowing a wallet to count as "2nd" bag & some are not.

    But I did manage to make the SA find one of the least expensive "handbags" to count as my 2nd.

    Now I am officially obsessed!

    4 Bags in a month.

    We are having our taxes done tonight.

    I hope I hear we are getting a big refund!

    If the accountant tells me we have to pay, I may be canceling this order tomorrow :smile:

    Thanks all.
  11. Did you divide this into 2 purchases? So you got 2 400 GC? I love your choices. I hope you get a big refund so you don't have to cancel. I love turquoise (have it in a day) so I think you'll be thrilled. I voted for the red city and the turquoise but I see it's sold. You may want to look at the thread for f/w colors. There is a beautiful red coming soon!!:heart:
  12. No I was told you can not do that.

    That you are only allowed to participate in one promotion at a time.

    I posted a message in the Steals & Deals - Saks Triple Points thread that said the following but no one as responded yet:

    Does anyone know if you can do the Triple Points & $400 EGC handbag promotion two times - i.e. - two separate transactions.

    Transaction 1 - buy 2 bags totaling $1K or more & get $400 EGC

    then at same store or even another store do

    Transaction 2 - buy 2 bags totaling $1K or more & get $400 EGC

    So that you end up spending $2K (or more) but get $800 in EGC's?

    An SA at one Saks told me that you can't unless you use someoen else's account.

    She said the system will not allow same promotion to go through twice on same account.

    Does anyone know if this is correct or not?

  13. I may get buyers remorse tonight & cut to one Bbag and just take my $400 EGC & wait until next promotion at Saks (F&F) or NM & get another Black bag later. I was so sure I could do 2 transactions & get 2 $400 GC's !!!
  14. If your SA was able to find all of these bags, I would vote for the:
    1- Tomato red city
    2-Turquoise day

    That would add some more color options to add pop to your monochromatic wardrobe.

    3-Black part-time or brief- depending on if you wanted the bigger bag.
  15. May I ask what EGC means? I am assuming GC means Gift Certificate, and that menas you have to spend it on merchandise, not just a 400 deduction on your purchase?

    Did you hear if they have a black 07 city?