Decisions, Decisions...Pale Pink Box or Calcaire Twiggy


Which one is a keeper: Pale Pink Box or Calcaire Twiggy

  1. '06 Pale Pink Box

  2. '05 Calcaire Twiggy

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have both an '05 Calcaire Twiggy and an '06 Pale Rose Box. I love light pink as a color but think they are too similar in shape and color to justify both of them in my collection.

    The Calcaire has some light fading on the bottom and back handle that looks a bit like ombre which is cool to me and only shows in direct sunlight...can't see it inside with lamps.

    The Pale Rose is little lighter than the mirror but still a nice pink and has thick and soft textured leather.

    Which one would you choose? For my body type/shape, I'm a short and curvy (D chest) hour-glass...only 5' 2" between 125-130 and size 8. Here's a shot of them both:

  2. I voted Pale Pink box, as the box is discontinued and the pale pink is so pretty. Its a keeper.
  3. I vote Box because I find that the Twiggy sometimes cuts smaller girls in half. And it's getting more rare by the minute!
  4. I voted for the Calcaire Twiggy. I think the color is more versatile and I prefer the size of the Twiggy for light colors. And the leather is beautiful! Good luck making a's a tough decision.
  5. I prefer the calcaire as I don't like obvious pink handbags. The twiggy seems more comfortable to carry too.
  6. I think that they are different enough to warrant keeping both!
  7. I'm not a fan of the Twiggy, so I voted to keep the box :yes: especially now that it's discontinued!
  8. I voted twiggy because the calcaire is a much rarer color and so very unique. I'm just 'meh' on the box shape and think it was dc'd because it was unpopular... so the combination of the shape & color makes the twiggy a winner in my eyes.
  9. Even though the pale pink box is more rare than the calcaire twiggy ( IMO), I choose the calcaire !
  10. Sheesh, 'C', I's a tough choice. I picked the Pale Pink Box purely because they're no longer made, but that Calcaire Twiggy is TDF, and I am totally IN LOVE with Twiggys...
  11. I normally like the box style more, especially for people that aren't tall. However, I have a big preference for the calcaire color. The leather is great and I think that it will resist fading more in the long run. Either way, they are both lovely bags.
  12. I appreciate the comments and votes. It's still neck and neck though...
  13. I voted Twiggy! I dunno... I mean this in the nicest possible way (hehe) but the pink Box seems like a little girl bag. Maybe it is because the Box seemed soooo tiny when I tried it. That would be speaking for me obviously, but if you can rock it.... Well, then I still pick the Twiggy. :p
  14. I think it would come down to which has the best leather (and it's usually calcaire). Plus I prefer it's off white colors with the very subtle pink undertones. I did, however, see a pale pink bbag and thought it was was calcaire except the pink seams gave it away. Sorry, not much help but I've just always had this back burning desire for a calcaire bag over the last couple of years, so I have to go for that.
  15. The calclaire twiggy I think the box style is too small.