Decisions decisions...need some advice!

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  1. Ok I have been eyeing several bags: LV Cabas Piano, Manhattan PM, Panda Pochette and Vernis Reade PM in Marshmallow.

    Thing is, I can only get a few of these. I definitely want the Cabas. So it's either:

    1) Cabas with the Manhattan PM or
    2) Cabas with Vernis Reade PM and panda pochette.

    Which way would you go??? I'm trying to build my LV collection again.

  2. i say the Cabas and the Manhattan PM. I have the Manhattan PM, and it's a great bag. It's very classic, and the two pockets in front come in very handy.
  3. I love the Manhattan PM, but I vote for the Reade and panda pochette, since they look different than the monogram canvas. Well, the pochette is monogram, but the panda is cute :P You'd also have three bags in different sizes - cabas piano large, reade medium and pochette small :nuts:
  4. I agree with Cristina, I vote for #2 choice: Cabas with Vernis Reade PM and panda pochette.
  5. what do you guys think of the peach graffiti pochette instead of the panda one? I think the graffiti one is kind of cool and different...

  6. I don't like the graffiti too much. The panda is much cuter.
  7. True I didn't think of that. Is vernis hard to keep nice though? I love the marshmallow color, so me :smile: Anyone know if there's a cell pocket in it?

  8. As long as you're careful about not setting it on newsprint or anything else that would cause color transfer, or getting pen marks in/on it, I think it'll be fine :amuse: The Vernis would probably be easy to clean with a soft, damp cloth. Not sure about the cell pocket. I looked at the framboise one at LV a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't notice if it had one or not. I want one, too, I'm looking on eBay for a used one for my birthday gift from the bf :nuts:
  9. I like the grafitti but in black and white.
  10. I really like the manhattan PM, but I looove the panda pochette. I'm a little iffy on the reade, it doesn't zip at the top plus light colours for vernis are more prone to colour transfer.
  11. #2
  12. #2 without a doubt!
  13. Reade tote doesn't have a cell pocket.

    i choose #2 too :smile:
  14. #1
  15. How about the cerises pochette - is that just as cute? I have a cerises speedy so would that be too much cerises stuff? I love the panda but it's at least $100 more than the cerises pochette if I buy it off a reputable eBay seller. I kind of like the fact that w/the cerises pochette I can have one side that is plain mono.
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