Decisions Decisions I need your help!!!!

  1. My b-day is in the next two weeks and I want to buy me a epi black bag.
    The only thing is I can't decide on a speedy 25 or the lockit.
    Which would be a great everyday bag? I need your opinions.
  2. I love the lock it!!!! very nice!!!!!! I want one in red.
  3. i love the shape of the lockit it's so classy, you don't see many of these around! but you can't go wrong with either!
  4. lockit!
  5. Go for the Lockit!!!
  6. lockit for me!!! so hot for the'll look good casual or dressy!
  7. definitely lockit. the black epi lockit is so classy :smile: and happy early bday!
  8. Lockit!!!! I love it in black and ivoire. The shape is great and no sagging compared to the Speedy.
  9. Lockit is so classy. Go for LOCKIT!!
  10. Lockit because IMO Epi holds up better with more structured bags. My Epi Keepall has seen better days.
  11. Awesome! My bday is on January 17th and my gift for myself will be a (first LV) Speedy 30 and I cannot decide between the Damier Ebene and the Mini Lin. Looks like decisions are hard to make when it is about LV.

    I am not familiar like the experts here but I will have to start with the essential Speedy. Good Luck in your decision, I know it is tough!
  12. lockit
  13. The lockit is gorgeous ... I want one in red! Looks delish!
  14. I've come across a lot of comments that the Speedy 25 in epi is hard to get into and out of, IIRC because the zip isn't as long as other 25s. So I would say the Lockit ... it's such a classic and versatile style too.
  15. Definitely get the LOCKIT .... :tup:

    It is absolutely gorgeous.