Decisions..Decisions...I need ADVICE!!!

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  1. Ladies,
    Most of you know that Nordies is having a sale on some legacy bags. I went in there today and was just "looking" (you know how that goes)...I saw the Leigh in black and whiskey for 435! Well, I've really been wanting the Leigh, but just couldn't justify the price.
    I'm trying to tell myself that this is MORE than 25% off, when will I get a better price, etc, etc...I put it down, and another woman picked it up! She had just won 2100 dollars in Vegas, and had never owned a Coach bag. I talked her into it (living vicariously!) and it looked SO good on her. She was petite and I'm tall, but it actually looked better on her!
    I then asked the S.A. if she happened to have ANOTHER whiskey in the back and sure enough she did! So I asked her to hold it for me until tomorrow.

    Here are my problems...
    1) IF I get one, should I get whiskey or black?? I've heard the whiskey scratches easily and I don't want it to look tacky...but I don't have a brown bag.
    2) Is this still way too much to spend for a purse?? (YES)
    3) I love the brown/bronze sig stripe tote...should I wait and get that at PCE???
    4) It seemed a bit heavy...what do you Leigh owners think??

    I did a search on Leigh and I know there are a lot of us Leigh lovers out there!!

    Thanks for your input!:rolleyes:
  2. Well, I'm going to be an enabler here, because I say buy the Whiskey Leigh! That is the bag I am pining for right now. I'm kicking myself for not getting it during last PCE. It is a lot of money, but it's a classic that you will never get tired of (I think). It's a gorgeous bag!
  3. Whiskey does scratch easily so if that would bug you then I wouldn't get it. Bargain or not, no point in owning something you won't end up using. If you really want one, I saw it in black and thought it was really pretty! But honestly, if it were me I would wait and get the brown/bronze stripe tote during PCE. It's such a pretty bag and if you love it, I'd get it over a bag you may only be getting because it's a "bargain". KWIM?
  4. you should get the whiskey! it looks way more stunning and for some reason, the store displays i ve seen dont look as beat up as the old whiskey!
  5. hmmm......the whiskey DOES scratch up easily. Some people like that old leather beat up look, I for one don't. It is a heavier bag once you put all your stuff in it. You should go back and try it on with your stuff in it and get a feel for the weight. If the weight doesn't bother you then I would get it in black. I think that bag looks great in black...otherwise I would get the bronze tote. Its gorgeous!!!!!
  6. The scratches on the whiskey would bother me...which is why I got my legacy shoulder in black...Legacy Leather is simply STUNNING! Do you already own a legacy bag? If not, I would say to get the Leigh (if money is not a question). But it doesn't sound like you're totally digging it like you are the tote. If that's the case, I'd get the tote! Did I ramble enough...
  7. O.K. Ladies, I think I've decided. I'm going to pass on the Leigh...THIS time. I have loved this bag ever since I saw it, but it would still be 475 with tax! They did have a black one, and I don't have a legacy bag. I really want one, and so far this is my favorite. But it seemed kind of heavy without anything in it.

    I could get the bronze tote AND the wristlet AND the mini-skinny for less than the Leigh. So I hope that someday I can get the Leigh, and I'll get it in black or another leather raisin. Maybe I can save my pennies just for that!

    Thanks so much for all the input! You guys rock!:heart: I'll be waiting for PCE to get the tote. Do things fall out of it due to no zipper??
  8. I don't have a tote now but have had one in the past and never had issues with things falling out of it. I keep most of my things in pouches or wristlets because I don't like loose items hanging out in the bottom of my bag. That's a pretty bag! Good choice. I have bags that I fall in love with but then realize either they are too pricey for my comfort or just not practical for me. For some reason I love the legacy shoulder flap in citron! But when I think about how useful it'd be to me, well, I come back to earth!
  9. Whiskey IMO does scratch so easy!! I'd try to stay away from it.. unless it was a TDF bag! I would personally get the black (but then i'm always a sucker for black/deepbrown bags) xD But if you love the whiskey i'd say get it! and get yourself a leather conditioner aswell!
  10. Ok I know you've decided! Buuut, I have a whiskey shoulder bag '06. I use it alot, I have 2 boys,I bring it when we go out and I am a teacher and I bring it to work. IMO the whiskey doesn't scratch much at all And if it does it rubs right out with your finger! The color has also deepened slightly.
    Just my .02!
  11. I'm starting to waver, ladies!! I am seriously thinking about getting it. It's still on hold, and I keep reading that the scratches don't show that much and can be rubbed with finger? Shows character? I don't own a legacy bag...don't know if I'll ever find one this inexpensive again....Ohhhh!!
  12. My whiskey shoulder bag from '06 has had a few scratches but nothing major that I couldn't rub out with my finger. It is the bag I use the most too. I love the color.. it can pretty much go with anything. It has darkened up a slight bit and the leather has become nice and soft. Black is nice too though! I love legacy leather in any color. I love the Raisin too! :yes:
  13. O.K....I'm putting myself out of my misery...I went BACK to Nordies an hour ago, and bought the Leigh!! I felt good about the decision...I decided I would be fine w/the vintage,etc.etc.

    THEN I got it home and put all my stuff in it and it was TOO HEAVY!! I don't even carry that much in my purse, but as soon as I lifted it I thought...NO way! I'm a bit bummed about this since I'd made peace w/my decision to buy..but at the same time I know I can't handle the Leigh's weight w/stuff in it, so I can put my obsession to rest!

    I can think about other, lighter bags. I went to the Coach in our mall just to look around after my purchase, and did not see ONE Leigh in any color! Strange...

    I tried on the bronze sig/stripe tote...LOVED it...and also tried on the bleeker hobo, which I didn't think I would like. It really is nice, and very lightweight. So I may think about that one in leather come PCE. Oh, I asked about the Thompson line which I wanted to see IRL, and this store will not be getting any in! So I'll have to go to a larger one for that.

    Ladies...thanks SO much for your input! I still love the just isn't for me!:crybaby:And thanks to cverhoff for suggesting putting my stuff in it before taking it out on it's first stroll!;)
  14. At the end of the day, you have to get a bag that you love but that is practical. Hope you find something you love!
  15. I bought a leigh bag and loved it! It was a little heavy but not so bad. I did have one problem though...after using it for 48 hours the leather strap where the metal link part rubs against it totally opened up and fell apart. I took it back to coach and of course they gave me a new one but I ended up returning it as I read online that someone else had the same problem and I was afraid it would happen again.
    I just saw all the new colors and am tempted again yet still afraid. We will see how I feel durig PCE.