Decisions, decisions.. I need a vote on 08 blues.

  1. So now after seeing spy pictures and hearing opinions on colors, my mind is spinning with the bags I want. I'm currently waitlisted for a turquoise twiggy, but today my mind was plagued by the beautiful picture of a turquoise PT, possibly GGH? Also, this electric blue is driving me crazy, and I'm possibly lusting a EB SGH PT, or city.

    So, quick vote/opinions.. if you were me and could only get ONE (eep) of the following, which would you get: turquoise twiggy, turquoise GGH PT, Electric Blue SGH PT, or Electric Blue City?

    Fyi, I currently have a jaune city and blueberry day (but this is moving to a new home soon).

    Thanks ladies!
  2. ooh tough one, but i think i'd get the EB PT in GGH.

    ARGH but having said that the twiggy in turquoise would be gorgeous...

    Hmm...ok i change my mind i'll go for the turquoise twiggy for wearability and functionality....:p
  3. Girlie, i think EB w/Gold Hardware in Brief will look amazing too. :tup:
  4. If you're going to use it for work or to schlep around stuff then the PT or city would be the way to go - if you're going to carry a bit less then I'd vote twiggy. And - so far, I'm lusting after the EB - so my vote would go there. Though, who's to say what time will show....
  5. electric blue in a part time with SGH would be TDF!!
  6. electric blue rh city. I still haven't warmed up the the giant hw.
  7. I think Turquoise is the colour for you...
  8. i'd say EB, but that turq twiggy seems to be soo gorgeous....mmmmhh hard decision, and i know i'm not helping :drool:

    so ok, if i have to choose then, i'd go for the EB
  9. i'd go for the EB SGH pt. you already have a city and if the EB is as gorgeous as amiebks describes it, it is a definite buy!
  10. I am waiting for the EB SGH City. I think the PT will be too big for me, bit i can wait to see the EB with the SGH!!!!
  11. I'll have to see both colors IRL first.
    If EB is a very bright and pop color, then i'll say RH City/PT.
    If its more subtle and dark, i'll vote for GSH PT.
    Same with the Turquoise too.
    Ok, just realized i'm not helping at all. :p
    Guess i'll be in the same predicament too, choosing between Turquoise and EB!
  12. Since you have blueberry, I vote turquoise
  13. I'm having this same problem myself, but I think I'm personally going to go for the SGH PT in EB. I can't wait to see these colors IRL!
  14. yes absolutely!
  15. turq twiggy!!!