Decisions..decisions...I cannot decide..Help me

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  1. I was dead set on getting the Hamptons wallet in Berry. But then I heard all these great comments on the Bleeker wallets. So help me. Which one should I get? I need it to match my Berry Heritage tote & my upcoming Bleeker woven hobo in mahogany.

  2. I like the classic simplicity of the Hamptons wallet.
  3. I like the design of the bleecker wallet if you are going to use it w/ both the hamptons tote and the woven hamptons hobo. Normally I'm one to protest the sig c print on wallets, but that has enough snap w/ your otherwise solid leather bags imho. :smile:
  4. Also a vote for the Solid Berry Hamptons. I think they are both really pretty but for me personally I don't like the bit of extra tinkering it takes to find/snap closed the wallets in the Bleeker type style.
  5. I'm still going to vote for the Bleecker wallet. Would you need the checkbook portion though? If not, the the Hamptons wallet might be the one for you. I personally am looking for one I can also use with the checks....not that I use them a lot...but hey, they deserve Coach too. :roflmfao::rolleyes:
  6. I've always had my checkbook in my wallet. I don't write many checks but its "routine" for me to always have my checkbook. Right now I have an older Soho checkbook wallet in dark brown mini C's with dark brown leather trim. I was totally in love with the Hamptons but now I don't know.
  7. Yah I have to have a larger wallet. It's just me. LOL
  8. LOVE the Hamptons wallet...particularly because of the turn-lock opener. I just love the ease of opening & closing the wallet rather than finding the hole to snap shut the wallet, etc. Plus...I think it looks more classic. My vote is for the Hamptons wallet!:tup:
  9. I have the Hampton's and I love it! I also do not need the checkbook in the Bleecker so I passed on the wallet. Both are very nice & pretty. It really comes down to function. How the credit cards are stored, needing a checkbook cover, etc.
  10. I vote Hamptons! I just got one today in berry with my pce!!
  11. I have the smaller version of the Hamptons wallet. The texture actually matches my Bleeker woven hobo(mahogany). I was surprised because on the website it looks smooth.
  12. I like both but I vote hamptons in that color. :tup:
  13. HAMPTONS!!!! im hopping to find one for myself at the outlet this weekend
  14. I vote Hamptons. I have the french purse version of this wallet. In Berry. I love love love it.I love the ease of the turnlock closure. Its such an awesome pop of color in all my bags.