Decisions, Decisions - HH Mercer Clutch vs Salina Pouch

  1. Ok - I've been trying to decide if I want to buy a Hayden Harnett Mercer Clutch all day today. I'm looking for a bag to use for quick runs to the grocery store, gas station, corner store, etc. I'm tired of carrying my full size bags all the time when I'm only running out.

    I thought the Mercer Clutch, in grey would be nice - But now I've found the Salina Pouch in Pewter - they're both on sale at fantastic prices (there's an $11 diff) -

    Can you guys help me decide? I need to figure it out quick - there's only one Salina Pouch in Pewter left -

    Here are the bags:

    Mercer Clutch, grey

    And here's the Salina Pouch, in Pewter:
  2. I love the Mercer clutch, but if you're looking for a bag that is simple and will be easy to get in and out of, go for the Salina. I really like the pewter, and I'm not a fan of metallics.
  3. the mercer clutch is much cooler looking. maybe it's just the pic but the metallic one looks kind of cheap.
  4. My vote is for the mercer clutch as well!
  5. I like the mercer, but I'm one that likes a bit more structure.
  6. i have the mercer clutch in currant and i LOVE it. very unique looking bag and the leather is extremely soft. the hardware is very nice and i think it holds a good amount - definitely more than i thought a clutch could! the shoulder strap is nice if you don't want to carry it by hand.
  7. This is a question I have asked myself before, since I've been on the search for a grey bag for a bit...
    What might help is that I've heard that the grey is more of an olive than a true grey- do you already have something in olive? Personally, I'd go for the pewter (I feel like it's a better neutral you can wear with both black & brown...something about olive & brown doesn't work for me...). Plus, for your purposes the Salina seems more casual- just my thoughts :smile:
    Can't really go wrong with either, though!
  8. I vote for the Mercer Clutch. I have it in Coral (called Poppy now) and I just ordered another in Grey. I also contemplated getting the Salina or the Clutch. The Salina is pretty small, I love the unique design of the Clutch, I always get so many compliments on it. I can't wait to get it!!!
  9. I've never seen them IRL. Just look at the picture, I like Mercer a lot more than Salina.
  10. I like the Mercer Clutch as well.
  11. I have the salina (well, the anthropologie version) and it holds a lot - probably a little more than the mercer, as the salina has a rounded base. I think the mercer looks very edgy and may have more staying power as a "classic" bag - but that's just my opinion! :yes:

    One thing to consider is the straps. The mercer's strap is pretty unique, but even with the links, I think the strap may be wider than the rolled strap portion of the salina. Do you mind rolled straps? That's the only thing that bugs me a little about my salina....
  12. Mercer clutch.