Decisions, decisions....HELP!!!

  1. Good afternoon from sunny Canada!

    I have recently had the opportunity to purchase a 2005 Calcaire City. What do you all think of the colour? For those that have it: Is it easier to maintain than pure White? Do you think it is a good investment or will I have to baby it a lot?

    Also, I am in the process right now of acquiring a certain bbag that I have been lusting over (I will tell you what it is when I get it, because the deal isn't final yet). But that means I have to sell some of my other babies....

    I am thinking of selling my 2004 Turquoise Mini Classique & my 2005 Black Day/Hobo.....

    Should I go ahead & sell the 2 bags I mentioned? Do you think anyone would want them? Or should I forget about the Calcaire & keep my others?......HELP!

    Your input & experience is valuable to me:flowers:
  2. I like Calcaire but don't have one so I couldn't tell you about maintenance. I would have to know which bbag you have been lusting over, to be able to decide to sell or not. But either way, if you are really lusting over it, I say sell!
  3. ^^^Thanks :smile:

    But do you think my bags will sell?

    And I am very curious about Calcaire.....I have never seen it IRL, but I read it has beautiful pink undertones.... I am just worried about wear & tear you know?
  4. Yes I think they would def. sell. I think calcaire is so beautiful but it is like any other white. You have to be more carefull with it.
  5. I have the calcaire twiggy. It is very pretty! It does have the subtle pink undertones in certain light. If you put it up against stark white, the calcaire has much warmer tones. Even in bright light, which tends to make the pink less noticeable, it looks more beige-y. It's very chameleon like. HTH!

    Good luck with your decision! :flowers:

    BTW, Calcaire is as high-maintenence as white. But with some proactive treatment to the leather, it should be fine.
  6. I would never part with any turquoise Bbag! That colors is gorgeous! Calcaire is also stunning. I'd sell the black hobo. Black seems to always be available. You can get another black Bbag down the road. I'd keep the turquoise and get the calcaire.
  7. Calcaire sounds nice but I am terrified of light colored bags. If you like them, I would go for it.

    I think you should be able to sell your bags as long as you don't inflate the price. There is a black hobo on ebay now so you can see what that goes for. Those are less hard to come by. As for the mini, I think that is harder because of the size but then again it is a popular color. It seems to be all about pricing.

    Good luck!
  8. I agree with giggles. I like the color also but i would think it would be hard to keep it clean. If you can get it at a good price i say go for it
  9. personally, i'm terrified of white bags & would keep your others :amuse:
  10. I agree:yes:
  11. White bags..they are fierce and I lub them alot. They look so RUNWAY to me.:cool:
  12. I have a white first which I love, but I am def. much more careful with it!
  13. I love the look of lighter/white bags but I know that I would kill them. So, for that reason I would stay away and keep the ones you have.
  14. i love white bags, don't get me wrong...i've gotta white gucci blondie hobo that i adore :heart:...but the gucci pebbled leather is much tougher than the b-bag leather, so i feel safer :amuse:
  15. Thanks everyone....keep 'em coming!

    I also love the "look" of a white bag & I previously thought the Calcaire would be a little more forgiving.....

    Does anyone have pics they would like to share of their white or Calcaire bbags? Also: If you can, say how long they have been used for so we can see the wear.

    TIA :smile: