Decisions..Decisions...HELP REQUESTED

  1. Okay, I need help. I'm a newbie to the site. Trying to decide between the following combinations of bags to purchase...

    Black Mahina XXL and Mono Manhattan GM
    Black Mahina XXL and Mono Griet
    Mono Griet and Mono Manhattan...

    In case you haven't figured out..I'm a BIG BAG BABE...Love the BIG BAGS...Have a toddler and fairly hectic lifestyle..BIG IS A MUST...

    Any suggestions, advice, comments...

  2. given that you're a busy mom, i'd go with the mahina and griet. both are shoulder bags (i think the griet can be), so it'll be easier for you to carry them while out and about :smile:
  3. Definitely Black Mahina XXL and Mono Griet...I dont like the Manhattan GM, and I loveeee the Mahina!
  4. Thank you ladies both, so confirmed my "inner wishes"...
  5. which bag is the heaviest?

    i think the elux and lv websites should list WEIGHT along with the other dimensions...
  6. I like the Mahina and the Griet.
  7. Definitely Mahina and Griet. Love both of those bags!!
  8. Mahina and the Manhattan GM ~ one shoulder tha's casual and a handheld that's so classy!
  9. Mahina XXL and Griet vote here!!!
  10. totally agree with john! I just went through the same thing and chose the Mahina XL ans Sac Rayeur GM, but I will say, it is tough to carry the Griet on your shoulder, the handles are rather stiff and it functions better as a satchel but it is LARGE!!! I tried it on, too it home, tried carrying my 3 yr old and the bag on the same side (which is what I always do) and it jsut didn't work, it is very structured on the bottom! But it will definitely hold a sippy cup, spare diaper and snacks to spare!

    good luck!
  11. Mahina XXL and Griet
  12. Def the Mahina XXL and is there a place to try on the Griet? I've tried one on and didn't find it very comfortable and I'm not carrying a baby too. I think the Manhattan would be a better choice and you can always leave the strap undone for easier access.