Decisions, decisions...Help, please

  1. Ok, I *have* to have the Spiaggia print! :love: It's almost summer, and I'm thinking this will be the perfect print for my second Toki bag. I really like the Ciao Ciao and Zucca styles, but now I can't decide which to get. So, Tokidoki experts that you are, I ask your opinions....which bag is best for Spiaggia?? :shrugs:

    Thank you, thank you.....
  2. Zucca! It is the best bag and looks great in that print.

    I have a ciao ciao and use it for work but otherwise it isn't as useful.
  3. i have to agree with those two above me :biggrin: if not a zucca, then maybe a BV?
  4. Wow, bubblesung...that's a pretty purse! I think I'm kinda leaning toward a Zucca, because I tend to carry a lot of stuff, and I'm thinking maybe the Ciao Ciao would look too lumpy?? LOL

    I emailed Casey at Pulse today asking her what prints she had in ciao ciao and zucca....she said Spiaggia only. Do you think she would mind emailing me some pix of a couple Zuccas? I'd really love to see print placement before I buy. I know she does a lot of this, but I don't wanna drive her crazy! :nuts:
  5. haha well casey is super sweet and always more than willing to accomodate and help us crazy toki fans out! i'm sure on some days it DOES drive her crazy with everyone asking for pictures, but this is considered an "off-peak" time aka "not the first day pulse recieves their shipment of new bags" it should be fine! ask her to email you the pix!
  6. Zucca... I love mine!