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  1. Evening all,

    I have a decision to make and would like the advice of you lovlies out there!

    I have a beautiful charms evening bag but have unfortunalty become ill and need to carry medication around with me at all times, which does not fit in this particular bag,
    The decision I have is wether to put my charms bag up for sale and buy a classic clutch instead.
    I really love my charms bag she was my first chanel (handbag) but only gets used once or twice a year and might not be used ever again.

  2. I am sorry to hear about that, but if you are not going to use it, why not put it towards the fund for another bag? However if you really can't part with it, have you consider carry just small pill box for your medication instead of carry the entire bottle? Get Well soon! :flowers:
  3. Thank you Classic, its not tablets that I need unfortunalty as that would have been a great idea! x
  4. I'd say you do what's more convenient for you now and there will always be some other lovely bag to get!:yes:Do cheer up and get well soon!:heart:
  5. Would a clutch be large enough for you? I thought from the way your were writing that you might need a much larger bag or tote.

    Sell what you're not using, and I hope you get well and feel better soon :idea:
  6. I vote to sell this bag!
  7. If you aren't using it then I vote to sell.
  8. You should sell and buy sth more convenient. The clutch is suprisingly quite spacious!
  9. if you don't use it, sell it to fund another one that you can use
  10. use it to fund something else.
  11. I'd sell what you don't use to fund something that you would use more often. Would the clutch be large enough to hold your meds? It is spacious for a clutch, but I don't think it's THAT much bigger than your bag?
  12. I meant to wish you speedy recovery as well. Take care!
  13. I vote for selling the bag, if your not going to get much use out of it! Best wishes for a speedy recovery, I know being ill sucks!
  14. I recently became sickk too (crohns) and have to carry a bunch of meds around too-what I do is put them in a little LV shopping bag and carry them seperate. If I'm going out somewhere I take the ones I need and put them in a pill container and throw that in my purse.

    Personally, I'd hang on to the purse a little longer and see how it goes, if your meds get cut down or you can just carry what you need in a smaller container that will fit in your purse-you may not be able to find that bag again if you decide down the line you want it.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better!
  15. Thanks all for your get well wishes :flowers:, I think the classic will be big enough, I need to carry an epi pen (syringe style pen despences medicine, which is the size of a large cigar), 2 inhalers, wallet, keys and the all important lipstick!
    All that fits in the charm bag is 1 inhaler, wallet (there is no inside pocket) and keys at a push!

    My decision is made, thank you all for your help x