Decisions, decisions... handbags or jewellery?

  1. hi ladies! i am in such a dilemma...

    i have enough funds to purchase either a black deerskin medium luxe bowler ($2160) or this tiffany necklace... ($2500).

    which should i get? i want them both... i really want a hardy every day bag... but o the necklace would look soooo pretty on! :girlsigh:

    please advise...
  2. i vote for the bowler simply because it would be more practical (in terms of use and viewability) than the necklace. i agree that the necklace is very pretty though
  3. it's a pretty necklace, but i must say did it worth the 2500$? the grams, carats?
    pretty necklaces can almost be found in most jewelry stores, so i would say bag :P
  4. The Tiffany piece is unique and uncommon and it can be part of your heirloom. Diamond and precious metals will almost always remain in good condition forever and u can give it to your children or grandchildren. It also has a better resale value in times of difficulty lol. I say Tiffany.
  5. I'd prefer the bag between the 2.
  6. I am of no help. I love them both!
  7. I vote for the bag :yes:
  8. Personally, I would choose the bag.
  9. I was in this position last year. I had to chose between two very unique Stephen Webster pieces (pics) or a Hermes Kelly. :hysteric: The ring and neclace won as it was going to be very difficult to get them in the future. I absolutely made the right decision. I purchased my Kelly this year instead. :yahoo: Is the Tiffany's piece part of the permanent collection? If it, is I would get the bowler and wait to buy the necklace later. If it is a limited edition piece and you know for sure that you will be very upset if you can't get it in the future, get in now.:heart:
    neckj.JPG ringj.JPG
  10. This lock and key is a permanent line. Actually this design is not unique to Tiffany. U can get it at a lot of places with better prices. Even LV has something similar. I feel that Tiffany has nicer diamond pieces like the mini-bean with pave diamond which is absolutely exquisite!! I'm biased, I prefer jewellery to anything else so I still say spend on jewels!
  11. the high price is mainly for the design i think. the diamonds in total are only .14 carats. it is set in platinum. i have a simple elsa peretti solitare and love it to bits!
  12. oooh, rose. your ring and necklace are gorgeous! :girlsigh:

    as maguses said, the piece is part of their permanent tiffany hearts collection. i guessssss i could wait. summer is almost over and in the winter, nobody is going to look at my neck! i definitely do not want my luxe bowler to go the way of the cambon bowler (which i missed out on and am very sad about) :crybaby:...

    thanks ladies!!! :smile: you guys always help me put things in perspective. heehee.
  13. I would personally vote for the Bowler because the Tiffany necklace doesn't 'look' like it's worth $2,500 to me. It's definitely pretty nonetheless.

    But the Luxury's LUXE alright.
  14. with a classic style like that, i wouldnt spend for tiffany, ive seen that in macys, callahans, and other small jewelry stores. if it was more unique i would say skip the bag.
  15. I'm gonna have to vote for the bowler. It's a pretty necklace though!
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