Decisions decisions decisions...

  1. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!! LOL.. I've been away from the LV threads due to a ban I forced myself to take for the holidays.. :smile:

    Anyways, I have a decision to make and it's hard! My DH told me that in January we are each gonna make ONE big purchase to last us awhile. He wants either a Nintendo Wii or a Nokia n93 phone. Here's the hard part becasue I was originally gonna get myself a Sidekick 3 because I am a die hard Sidekick fan and my Sidekick 2 broke. :crybaby: But now I reeeeeally want my Batignolles Horizontal bag so it's hard! What would you rather choose? Keep in mind that I already have a cell phone so I dont necessarily need a Sidekick 3 but I also already known a speedy 30 so I dont need a LV bag. What would you do?! :smile:
  2. Definitely get the bh. You only have 1 lv, so you need an extra one!!
  3. I'd get the BH :yes:
    You have a hand held LV, now you need a shoulder bag :graucho:
  4. Tell Him to get BOTH the N93 AND the WII and then after he buys them tell him U want the sidekick AND THE BH!!! :p
  5. ^^Great Idea!!! lol..
  6. If you can't do both, then I'd go with a new LV!!!
  7. I'd go for the LV too!
  8. Welcome back and I think for sticking to your ban you should get the BH!!!
  9. Of course we are ALL going to tell you to get the LV!!!!!
  10. LOL. ITA:yes:
  11. BH! Who needs cellphones anyway when you have Louis!? :p
  12. I agree!!!
  13. I basically had the same problem, but guess what I went for the LV, my LV will last me longer than the phone:nuts:
  14. Phone Schmone. Go the bag. :p
  15. get the LV! i feel like technology keeps changing too much and too quick that i can't keep up. better devices will come out eventually =)