Decisions, decisions, decisions......

  1. im going to my coach store friday or saturday =]
  2. and feel free to post picss if u already have one of the bags =]
  3. 3rd
  4. i feel like the blue is more seasonal, and the third will be more flexible. i'm not a fan of those particular swing packs, would rather a duffle crossbody instead, fit more things. and the wristlet is cute, so i go with third.
  5. thanks 4 the opinion aarti =]
  6. I ditto everything aarti said...#3!
  7. Love the soft duffle in #2 but I think I'd go for the Carly first and the wristlet is so cute and versatile! I also am not a big fan of swingpacks so I vote #3 as well!
  8. well thank you ladiess =]
  9. I like # 3 too.
  10. I vote with the majority, as well. I am not a big fan of the signature with blue trim, so I'd go with number 3 as it will be more versatile than the swing packs.
  11. hmm it seems like all of you r going with #3 hah
  12. I'm all for a swing pack...I love mine.

    But I'm not loving that mini-sig print in the stripe in the new ones.

    but that's just my opinion
  13. yeah i actuallylike it in the black and i like it bcause im young and think its good 4 my age.