Decisions, decisions, decisions....

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  1. So, I've had my eye on buying a Galliera and after trying the PM in the store I decided that it was too small for me. So, I bought the GM in the Mono. I was planning on buying a Totally Damier Azur and Palermo GM on Monday, but I have fallen madly in love my Galliera GM in Mono that I'm thinking about skipping out on the Palermo GM and getting the Galliera GM in Azur.

    Do you guys think I should just stick to my plan of getting the Totally in Azur and a Palermo GM or should I give up the Palermo and Totally bag and get the Galliera again in Azur?

  2. Get different bags! After you have a bunch of different styles, you can start getting the same style in different lines IMO
  3. I would get the azur Galliera and the Palermo!
  4. stick with what you love!!!! I have an azur galliera and I really want a mono one.

    The galliera is a much better bag then the Palermo!
  5. i would try different bags=) especially if its 2 bags;)
  6. ditto:tup:
  7. I think you should sit back and enjoy your Galliera for 1 month- I know it will be hard

    (:pout: I want them all NOOOOOOWWWWW!!!)

    but I think then you will be in a better frame of mind if you want multiples in the same bag or want different styles. It's great to be in love tho, right?


  8. I agree! :tup:
  9. Originally Posted by Phédre
    I would get the azur Galliera and the Palermo! ^ same here
  10. I would get the Galliera because you like it so much, I many different styles of bags but the galliera is always my go to, that's why i'm considering buying it in another canvas.
  11. I say get the galliera in azur and the palermo
  12. i'd get the totally in azur, just to have a bit more variety in your closet ! :yes:
  13. I would probably go ahead and get the Totally and Palermo like you planned, don't use them and try them out at home for a while, and then decide if you really want to exchange them for another Galliera. I like the idea of adding a few more different style bags first, and then adding the same bags in different patterns a little later, but that's just me. I think the Totally and Palermo are such great bags, it might be nice to have 3 really different style of bags! Good Luck with your decision!
  14. I like variety so if it were me i would probably pick the Totally and Palermo.
  15. azur galleria or palermo.


    mono galleria and totally mm azur.