Decisions, decisions, decisions....

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  1. Ok, as I keep saying (because I'm so excited about it), I bought the dark orange BV ball bag--still waiting for it!!! Anyways, now I'm totally mesmerized by the Dior Gaucho.... Maybe the white one? And I'm #3 on my local NM's waiting list for a Fendi B bag--I want the small satchel style in the tan leather with black patent trim. Then I started thinking it'd be nice to get my first LV--I really like the Popincourt.

    For Christmas, my boyfriend got me a Felix Rey mesh handbag that is slowly growing a hole... I think it's definitely a defect. He can't find the receipt, but I'm crossing my fingers that NM will let me do an exchange, give me a store credit or charge back on my NM card.

    Sooooo..... Since the Felix is $480--I could use that money to apply it to the Popincourt which is $685. Then I'd only be out about $200 of my own $$. Or I could apply that credit to a Gaucho or the B Bag....

    I was thinking maybe I'd get the Popincourt with the credit... Then wait and see if I can even get the B bag I want. And the Dior guy has promised to call me when he gets the Gauchos just so I can look at them in person...

    What do you guys think? Any input would be appreciated. None of my friends get my nutty obsession :P:P:P
  2. No worries...NM will definitely give you a refund. They gave me a refund on a Chanel that I bought a year ago and didn't have the receipt or tag. They're really good about things like that....especially when there's a defect.

    I'm slowly falling in love with the Gaucho. I'm trying to talk myself out of it because I just got a spy bag. Gosh, I'm definitely in need of help!!! I'm not nuts about the Fendi B Bag, but I used to own the popincourt and thought it was really cute. I returned it though because it was kind of small.
  3. oh no about your Felix bag! I hate getting bags with defects and hopefully NM won't give you a problem.

    I say go for the popincourt! And then whenever the Bbag comes in and you find that you like it more than the popincourt, then exchange the popincourt for the bbag ;P
  4. Thanks for giving me some piece of mind about NM. I'm a little worried since I have no way to prove that he bought the bag with them... I should have kept the tag! Oh well.

    I think I should try to talk myself out of the big budget items (i.e. gaucho and b bag)... The B bag isn't out until March. I would really like to see if to get an idea if it's really what I want or not. I like patent leather--but some of them just look too cartoony to me.

    The Popincourt would be a really "small" bag for me. But I'm really drawn to it. I'd gotten the Popincourt Haute, but returned it for a Guccissima top handle purse that's about 3x's the size of the Haute!
  5. Good idea Mello! I'm good about holding off on using things... I figure if I say I want to do an exchange rather than a "refund" on my cc, I might get farther with them... So I'm 99% sure I'll go for the Popincourt. But I won't use it right off the bat. The only problem--doesn't LV have a time restriction, even at the NM locations?

    If I were to get the Popincourt and either the Gaucho or the B Bag--definiltey NO MORE purses for the rest of the year. MAYBE one for Christmas, but that's it!

  6. My two cents. If you're deciding b/tw the gaucho or the B bag, your answer is in your wardrobe! The gaucho is definitely for casual wear, but the B Bag has a bit more sophistication and structure. I guess you could still wear the B bag with jeans... but it is dressier than the dior bag. :idea:
  7. You're totally right Riotstar. Since I'm a lawyer, the B bag is really a better way to go in the long term... I'd like a "fun" bag, but I don't think I should spend this much for a casual bag that I'm less likely to use on a regular basis, you know?

    I'll have to keep mulling this over. Seeing them in real life will probably help!
  8. I'll choose the Fendi b-bag over the gaucho. I just think the gaucho is too casual unless you're thinking of using it on a casual basis plus the b-bag is sophisticated enough to use during work. Let us know what you decide.

    And you said "definitely no more purses for the rest of the year"? :lol: It's only Jan so that'll be a tough new years resolution to keep. ;)
  9. I'm debating between the gaucho tote--it's got short handles like the b-bag... So I think it could look tailored. But I have a feeling it still is slouchy... I'm leaning towards the B bag again. I think I was getting excited about the gaucho b/c it's actually in stores, whereas it's at least another month or two for the B bag....

    I REALLY need to stick to the resolution. I said this in another post. But I first started with 2 designer bags/year. That was in 2004--that year I won $$ in Vegas, so I bought a Gucci for "free." So when I bought a silver MJ multi-pocket hobo, I said that's ok. Two bags a year and one's free. Then in 2005, bought a MJ Spearmint Blake, then a Guccissima top handle bag in chocolate brown, then a Gucci signature hobo with the Horsebit detail AND my mom gave me a Dior Gambler for Christmas. So that was three bags a year and one was a gift...

    At the rate I'm going this year: 1) BV ball bag (assuming I love it), 2) LV Popincourt, and 3) Gaucho or B bag. So I can't up the numbers!!!
  10. After frequenting this site, your number will go up to 8 bags a year and 2 will be gifts. ;)
  11. HAHA. My friends have noticed that I TALK about bags WAY more than I did before I found this site. And I've ALWAYS loved purses.... I only ran across this place while searching for info on the B Bag. 8 bags/year would get too close to $10k/year! Maybe my goal should just be to stay as well below $5k/year as possible :smile:

    I might be ok for awhile. I really like my 2 MJ purses, but luckily I haven't found anything that really did it for me since last Spring in MJ. And I've already got 3 Gucci's and I love Gucci--again, unless it's amazing, I probably won't drool there either... I don't have LV and I think the Popincourt is likely to be the only one--can't see myself becoming a collector. I've always wanted a BV, so I'll get that satisfied with the one that's being shipped out. The B bag or Gaucho will be the new "fun" spring bag.

    The only thing that I always look at and drool over is a YSL Mombasa. That's not too bad :P
  12. I love the look of the FBB brown with black trim. That's a stunning bag!
  13. I agree!!! :biggrin: . Wickedassin, I know what you are going through with this sickness addiction! bad as this forum could leads us into the worse bag addicts you will find we are helping each other to solve our problems :lol: :lol: . I guess what I am trying to say is we love this forum and we love reading and getting honest opinions from people here, and their funny comments sometimes just make us lol.

    Back to the bag subject..I am not too crazy for the FBB, and not at all like the Gaucho so you want get vote from me on those two.

    Popincourt is pretty and classic and I say go for it!

    I am sure NM will take back the damaged bag and give you store credit or refund you money. Good luck!
  14. UPDATE:

    I was shocked--NM was SUPER nice about the issues with the bag. I think it might have helped that I was very nice about the issue and had my Guccissima top handle bag with me. I figured it'd help to have the look of a purse buyer...

    Anyways, I asked to do either an exchange or a credit back on my card. I didn't see anything to exchange--so I got a credit back on my card! I decided to hold off on the Popincourt--it might be too small and I think I've been caught up on all the bag madness.

    I'll wait for my BV ball bag to arrive on Tuesday. Then I'll see what happens with the waiting list for the b bag--they told me today that they're expecting it to arrive at the end of February. I also looked at the Mombasa at Nordy's, but it was the smaller size, not the large that I'd like.