Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

  1. I need help with a decision. I have recently been thinking of getting the multicolor (black) Ursula or Griet - which do you prefer? I have two monogram bags - speedy 30 and biosphere MM but lately I have been craving the black multicolor. I am also wondering if I should just not get a new LV and instead get a Tod's New D Bag which is a bit less expensive.

    I don't know what to do? What do you think?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. MC Griet!!!!
  3. I really love the Ursula! It's such a pretty shape!
  4. I would go for either the Griet or Ursula. Either way they are both gorgeous, if you can afford them!
  5. i prefer the ursula in black mc, something about the non-mirage griets dont really do it for me, but either way they are both HOT bags (i love black mc).
  6. the mc ursula is gorgeous!!
  7. URSULA hands down
  8. I love the Black Ursula!!
  9. I like the Ursula!!! Good Luck!
  10. ursula!!!
  11. Personally, I prefer the Ursula.. I like the Griet too, but it's really huge!
  12. Ursula gets my vote!
  13. Get a LV! Get a Ursula!
  14. Ursula its sooo pretty IRL! I want one but its too expensive for me...get it!
  15. I recently fell in love with the Ursula!